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Terminated after work accident-Maryland Workers Comp

On occasion an employee who is hurt on the job is quickly fired by their employer.  Sometimes Maryland employers terminate their injured workers after decades of services, others terminate employees that recently started on the job. If your employer has recently terminated you because of an injury you sustained while on the job contact a […]

Workers Comp Job Training- Vocation Rehabilitation in Maryland

One of the more coveted benefits provided by Maryland Workers Comp laws is that of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Work injuries often lead to employees losing their job and this can be a devastating event to say the least.  For those who have found themselves in this most unfortunate position there is some help available under Maryland […]

Will I lose my job because of Maryland workers comp claim?

I am involved in a workers comp claim.  Can I lose my job in Maryland? The short answer is- possibly. For a free consultation contact Maryland worker comp attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh at +1 (410) 937-1659 How can I be fired when I was injured on the job due to no fault of my own? […]

Commonly involved people- Maryland Workers Compensation

Maryland Workers Compensation Insurers or TPA’s The Maryland workers compensation insurance companies listed below operate with distinctions varying in degree.  Some of the below Insurers have less than adequate communication practices, while others have tendencies to deny treatment or benefits sooner rather than later.  For some, simply obtaining authorization for a consult can prove difficult, […]


What does a Maryland Workers Comp Attorney do for clients?

Alot of the daily work a Maryland Workers Compensation attorney does is behind the scenes. Maryland Workers Compensation Attorneys ordinarily stay quite busy behind the scenes despite what many assume.  It is not unusually for a workers compensation attorney to be questioned as to exactly what tasks and work they are performing other than going […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Misconceptions and Confusing Facts

There are a number of confusions when dealing with Maryland workers compensation that lead to misconceptions among the public.  It is important for those injured on the job as well as practitioners to know these misconceptions so they have a better understanding of the benefits Maryland law affords but also know how to better navigate […]

In Maryland are car accidents covered under workers comp?

The terms of employment may help determine if a car accident will lead to Maryland Workers Compensation benefits. Whether or not a car accident will lead to Maryland workers compensation benefits is a complicated question that is best answered by a qualified Workers Compensation attorney only after an in person interview is conducted.  Many factors […]

Repetitive Motion Injuries- Maryland Workers Comp

Repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome are covered under Maryland Workers Compensation laws.  While these cases are ordinarily a bit more complicated benefits are available to those who suffer from repetitive motion injuries. Cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome are some of the more common […]

Settlement Considerations- Maryland Work Injury Attorney

What to consider when settling a Maryland Workers Compensation case Free consult?     +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email When the question of settlement comes up in a Maryland workers compensation case there are certain considerations that must be accounted for by the injured worker.  Failure to account for the various benefits and possibility of obtaining those […]

Workers Comp Money- Maryland Work Injury Attorney

There are multiple forms of workers compensation money in any given Maryland workers compensation case.  It is important for the injured worker to understand the types of money available so that they do not short change themselves when it comes time for settlement.  Understanding the various forms of potential cash is important for any injured […]