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Injuries while working in the office are likely covered- Maryland workers comp

Office workers are regularly injured on the job, and are ordinarily covered under Maryland workers compensation laws. What kind of office injuries are covered under Maryland workers comp laws? Maryland office employees are sometimes under the impression that their injuries are not covered under workers comp.  There seems to be a misunderstanding that workers comp […]

Free Consultation with a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

A consultation with a Maryland workers compensation attorney may vary greatly depending on the attorney.  If you are considering hiring an attorney?  See how to choose the right attorney. For an immediate consultation call +1 (410) 937-1659     Prefer    Email? How long will the workers comp free consult last? In my experience the ordinary consultation […]

Express Scripts- Maryland Workers Compensation

Injured Maryland Workers often receive an Express Scripts card in the mail from the workers compensation insurance company.     What is the Express Scripts Card? Express Scripts is a company utilized by many workers compensation insurers for pharmaceutical services.  If you are injured on the job an Express Scripts card may be one of the […]

Will Governor Hogan’s Opiod law affect my workers comp case- Maryland Work Injury

For many Maryland workers compensation recipients, Governor Hogan’s recent announcement of his Heroin and Opiod Prevention, Treatment, and enforcement initiative raises questions and concerns. For an immediate and free consultation contact Maryland Workers Compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh Click here +1 (410) 937-1659 Prefer    Email?     Will Gov. Hogan’s initiative affect my workers […]

Hurt at work-How to get Money- Workers Compensation Maryland

Maryland Workers Compensation Money If you have been hurt at work and are in need of money there are some options available to assist with financial needs.  It is a good idea to retain a Maryland Attorney to help review and present your options for obtaining money while out of work.   Lost Wages Money- Maryland […]

Disability Payments- Work Injury Maryland

Disability Payments may be in the form of  Maryland Workers Compensation Disability Payments, short term/long term disability payments, social security disability income, or others. Free Consults- (410) 937-1659     Prefer    Email? Dealing with a disability can be one of the most challenging and life altering experiences a person may face in their lifetime.  It most […]

Workers Comp wont pay & Health Insurance wont pay. Work Injury Maryland

The great dilemma! Neither workers comp nor health insurance will pay for treatment. The situation is all too familiar to the Maryland workers compensation attorney.  The dilemma arises when an employee is injured on the job and is, by law, required to use workers comp insurance to pay for his or her medical treatment.  From […]

CORVEL- Maryland Workers Compensation

Who or what is Corvel?  This question is often asked by those hurt at work in Maryland.  Corvel is a major workers compensation insurance “provider” for employers located in and doing business in the state of Maryland.  Corvel is a third party administrator (TPA) for workers compensation and other liability policies.  They provide insurance management […]

Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company- CEIWC- Work Injury Maryland

Who or what is Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company?  This question is often asked by those injured on the job in Maryland.  Free Consults- (410) 937-1659     Prefer    Email? Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company (CEIWC) is a major workers compensation insurance provider for employers located in and doing business in the state of Maryland.  They provide insurance […]

THE BEST BALTIMORE Workers Compensation Attorney?

        Do you want the best Baltimore workers compensation attorney in Maryland? DO NOT BE DECEIVED INTO THINKING YOU HAVE FOUND “THE BEST!” We all want the best, especially when dealing with a legal matter, and quite frankly a potentially life changing matter like a Maryland workers compensation case.  The problem is […]