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Should I return to light duty? – Maryland workman’s compensation

The decision whether or not an injured Maryland Employee returns to work should not be taken lightly. There are risks and benefits for injured Maryland workers when they make the decision to return to work on a light duty basis.  A great majority of workers compensation attorney’s and workers compensation commissioners are in agreement that […]

Roofers hurt on the job- Maryland Workers Compensation

Maryland Roofers Sustain Injuries on the Job and are more often than not entitled to workers compensation benefits. Being a roofer is a hazardous occupation that can lead to many forms of injuries including those associated with falls.  Not withstanding the common injuries resulting  from falls, roofers are also susceptible to other mechanisms of injury […]

Pain & Suffering- Maryland Workers Compensation

Pain and Suffering under Maryland Workers Compensation laws provided to injured workers? There are a number of benefits provided to those who are unfortunate enough to be injured on the job in Maryland.  Among them include compensation benefits, medical benefits, out of pocket expense reimbursements, and potentially job training.   Is Pain and Suffering part […]

Hospital Employees covered under Maryland Workers Compensation

Almost all Hospital Employees are covered under Maryland Workers Compensation Hospital staff- Doctors, nurses, CNA’s, custodial or janitorial, cleaners, kitchen workers, office staff, maintenance staff are all covered under Maryland workers compensation.  If these employees are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury on the job they should consider filing the required paperwork under Maryland law.  […]

Delivery Drivers Injured While Transporting Goods, Food, or Services- Baltimore Workmans’ Comp

Delivery Drivers are Covered Under Maryland Workmans’ Comp The question often arises whether delivery drivers are covered under Maryland Workman’s Comp Benefits.  The short answer is YES.  If the drivers are performing a job related task at the time of the accident then they will likely be covered under workers comp laws.  While the range […]

Help with workers compensation- Baltimore Attorney

Help with workers compensation is available in Baltimore and throughout Maryland Workers compensation cases can be very complicated in nature and often leave the injured worker with a number of questions during the process.  It is for this reason that an attorney can be most helpful to the injured worker, not only answering questions along […]

Police Officers Benefits- Maryland Workers Compensation

Maryland Police officers are provided additional benefits under Workers Compensation Statutes and case law Maryland police officers are provided numerous benefits in addition to those provided for the ordinary employee.  Maryland workers compensation laws provide extended benefits, and rightfully so, under the public safety rules which include increased permanency payments, presumptions of law, coverage for […]

Average Weekly Wage- Maryland Workers Comp

Average Weekly Wage (AWW) in Maryland Workers Compensation cases Calculating the average weekly wage in a Maryland Workers Compensation case is important and can directly effect the value of the case, the lost wage checks, permanency payouts, and vocational benefits paid out.  The average weekly wage can be changed up until the first hearing before […]

Baltimore Grocery Store Employees Injured – Maryland Workers Comp

Employees of grocery stores who are injured on the job in Maryland are covered under Maryland workers compensation! When workers compensation is mentioned most people automatically begin thinking of hard labor jobs such as construction, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical.  It should be known that almost every occupation in the state of Maryland are covered under […]

Restaurant workers injured on the job- Maryland Attorney

Maryland Restaurant Workers Injured at Work Given the fast pace environment and often hectic atmosphere it is no surprise when I hear that a restaurant worker was injured at work.  An observation of any Baltimore Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Applebees, or or TGIFridays on a Friday or Saturday night will prove Restaurant workers do indeed […]