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Injured Employee & No Workers Compensation Insurance- Maryland Attorney

Employers in Maryland are required to have workers compensation insurance however occasionally insurance policies lapse or coverage was not obtained In Maryland, and most states, employers are required to have workers compensation insurance if they employ one or more persons and are doing business in the state or are located in the state but “doing […]

Necessary to have Korean Speaking workers compensation attorney? Maryland Law

Korean Speaking employees hurt at work do not necessarily need a Korean speaking workers compensation attorney It is understandable that those who are injured on the job want an attorney who speaks their language.  It certainly would make communication easier to have an attorney that speaks the same language.  However, with current technology and Maryland […]

Compensation Deferred & Average Weekly Wage- Maryland Injury Attorney

Compensation Deferred and Average Weekly Wage Award.  Did you receive an Order in the mail from the Workers Compensation Commission? Commonly referred to as the auto award, and also referred to as the Award of Compensation and Average Weekly Wage this document often results in questions and concerns from many of my clients.  This is […]

How do I know if I have a workers compensation case? Maryland Lawyer

Do I have a workman’s comp case? Determining whether one has a valid workers compensation case can be explained using confusing legal jargon that will only create more questions.  Rather than explain the law using legalese such as “arising out of” and “the course of employment” my goal is to explain things in language that […]

Am I suing my employer by filing workers compensation claim?

Filing a Maryland workers compensation claim is not the same as suing your employer There are many distinctions and similarities between filing a workers compensation claim and filing a lawsuit against an employer.  The actions are both legal in nature however the process, benefits, affects, and potential vary to a great degree. For an immediate […]

How long does workers comp pay? Work Injury Maryland

It is important injured Maryland workers know how long they can expect workers comp to pay! The short answer is that an injured worker should not expect lifetime payments by workers comp.  Only in very rare circumstances is the injured worker paid for a lifetime. Understanding how long workers comp payments will be made can […]

Filing a Maryland workers comp claim? How to? Consequences?

How to file a Maryland Workers Compensation claim and the benefits and risks of filing a claim. Filing a claim is not a very complicated process however there are devastating affects if it is not done properly.  The injured worker is best suited to consult a workers comp attorney to assist with filing so that […]

Behavior Specialists- Maryland Workman’s Compensation Attorney

Those employed as behavior specialists, Counselors, and therapists in Maryland are often injured on the job. It is important to note that a great majority of the behavior specialists are entitled to workers compensation benefits.  The inherent risk of the occupation makes it almost impossible to alleviate all the dangers associated with being behavior specialist […]

What can a workman’s compensation attorney do for me? Work Injury Maryland

An explanation of what Maryland Workmans’ Comp Attorney’s can do for the injured employee As an attorney I am often asked if it is necessary to hire a workmans’ comp attorney and for what purpose they would need an attorney.  It is often of great surprise lawyers in this field even exist, until one is […]

All about Maryland Workmans Compensation Attorney’s

Learn about Maryland Workers Compensation Attorneys When an employee is first hurt on the job questions begin pouring into their mind.  It is a stressful circumstance and like with all of life stresses, the longer questions go unanswered the deeper the impact is felt.   To help quell some of the stress related to a work […]