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Maximum Medical Improvement- MMI

Maximum Medical Improvement in Maryland workers compensation cases Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is a term regarding the status of treatment a patient or workers comp claimant has reached.  When a patient is at mmi they have, according to that particular doctor, reached a plateau in treatment.  They are no longer benefiting from treatment and/or there […]


If an Independent Medical Evaluation has been scheduled for an injured worker there are a number of things for which he or she should be prepared. For starters, it is helpful to know what exactly is an IME.  Knowing why the exam was scheduled will help the injured worker prepare for the examination and comprehend […]

Car Accident & Auto Accident Attorney- Baltimore Lawyer

Maryland Automobile and Car Accident Attorney Finding the right attorney to handle an automobile accident is important, if not imperative.  Complicating the decision even more is the number of attorneys to choose from.  Some claim to be the “Best auto accident attorney in Maryland,” “most aggressive personal injury attorney around,” or the “top rated attorney.”  […]

Pain and Suffering from Car Accident- Baltimore Injury Attorney

Pain and Suffering explained as it relates to a car accident or negligence claim in Maryland The phrase pain and suffering is used regularly and in the legal sense it usually applies to the ailments an injured individual endured because of the negligence of another.  There are a few circumstances in a wrongful injury case […]

Car Accident Settlements- What can change the value?

What affects settlement value in Car Accident cases? Each and every car accident settlement is different in Maryland.  This is because each and every car accident settlement has varying facts that may play a part in changing the value of a case to a great degree in some circumstances, or in other circumstances to a […]

Workers Comp will not settle? Maryland Workers Compensation

Workers comp is not willing to settle your claim.  You have the option to force them into providing compensation. An employee who was injured on the job in Maryland is entitled to compensation once they have reached the point of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and have been discharged from doctors care.  It is ok if […]

Workmans comp adjuster was suppose to send forms to me?

At the beginning of a Maryland Workers Compensation Case the adjuster may send  a form for the injured worker to fill out There are a number of forms that an injured worker will have to fill out throughout the course of a workers compensation case.  Perhaps the most important of forms is the Employee Claim […]

Fired or Laid off while out on workers comp- Work Injury Maryland

Have you been fired or laid off from your job while out on workers compensation? Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh regularly assists injured workers find new employment through the vocational rehabilitation process.  Among other workers compensation benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation is an opportunity for workers who have been terminated from employment to seek out […]