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  Harford County workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh practices throughout the state of Maryland Workers Compensation cases involve the injured worker, the employer, the workers compensation insurance company, and the Jurisdiction of the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  Because workers compensation is statutorily codified it is a legal creature of the state and not any […]

EMT, Paramedic – Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedics, and other public safety employees are regularly injured on the job and require the assistance of a Workers Compensation Attorney Common work injuries among EMT and Paramedics Certain occupations require more physical activity than others which results in a higher rate of injury among those employed in such occupation.  Employees […]

How long for a workers comp settlement? Maryland Workers Comp Attorney

How long will it take to settle my workers comp case? After an injury on the job you may begin to think about settling your case and questions may arise as to how soon you can expect settlement money to come.  Each workers compensation claim takes on a nature of its own and settlement timeline […]

How long can I be on temporary total disability- Baltimore Workmans Comp Lawyer

How long can you collect temporary total disability payments in a Maryland workers compensation case? For a no cost consultation with Maryland Injury Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh call  +1 (410) 937-1659     , Email ,  or fill out the form below.   The short answer is there are a lot of factors that play into this. […]