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Reopening Workers Compensation Case for Worsening

Reopening Workers Compensation Case Worsening of Condition If you have been involved in a Maryland Workers Compensation case you may have heard the term worsening or reopening.  While an injury on the job ordinarily requires the assistance of a Baltimore workers compensation attorney, the need for representation is increased substantially if the injured worker is […]

The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission This site is an Attorney site and may be considered advertisement material.  This is not a governement website, nor affiliated with any government entity.  This is for informational purposes only. The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission (MWCC) or The Commission is the state agency provided authority by the executive branch of […]

Injured Employee and No Workers Compensation Insurance

Injured Employee and No Workers Compensation Insurance- Maryland Attorney Employers in Maryland are required to have workers compensation insurance however occasionally insurance policies lapse or coverage was inadvertently not obtained.  If you are an employer with no workers compensation insurance, or an injured employee and no workers compensation insurance is available it is important to […]

Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury Value

Settlement value for a workers compensation shoulder injury   Shoulder injuries can have devastating effects on injured Maryland employees and it is important to know how much compensation the injured worker should receive. Examples of workers compensation shoulder injury cases we have handled: Worker completely tore a ligament in his shoulder while pulling a long […]

Workers Compensation Arthritis & Degeneration

Workers Compensation Arthritis and Degeneration Injuries result in arthritis and degeneration.  Arthritis and degeneration develops over time and doctors often indicate that it can set in at an early age.  What this means for the injured worker is that the defense in any workers compensation case can often use arthritis and degeneration as an explanation […]