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WORKERS COMP HEAD INJURY- Baltimore Workers Comp Lawyer

Workers Comp Head Injury This article is offered for informational purposes only and if you have sustained a head injury you should first consult a licensed Doctor.  Nothing stated here is medical advice nor legal advice.  For legal advice you may contact Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh.   FREE consultation   Call ,  Click […]

Workers Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation- Lawyer

What is Workers Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation ?  Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq.       One of the more coveted by injured employees is workers compensation vocational rehabilitation.  Work injuries often lead to employees losing their job and this can be a devastating event to say the least.  For those who have found themselves in this most […]


Baltimore Workers Compensation Lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq. If you have been injured on the job and need help with your case Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh is here to help!  Mr. Rodabaugh has handled thousands of cases including but not limited to construction, public safety, secretaries, carpenters, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and more. […]


BALTIMORE CITY WORKERS COMP ATTORNEY Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq. Representing injured workers throughout Baltimore City.  Whether you were injured working on your construction job in the Highlandtown or hurt while rushing through your office in Downtown Baltimore Attorney Rodabaugh is available to help.  Workers Compensation claims are guided by state law however there are a […]


Injured workers should know workers comp procedures, policies, and legal rights! Many people are first exposed to the Maryland workers compensation system later in their lives and at that point being unfamiliar with the process is much more concerning and perhaps troubling.  There are a handful of scenarios for which the injured worker needs to […]

Baltimore Auto Accident Attorney – Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

Baltimore Auto Accident Attorney – Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Finding the right Baltimore auto accident attorney or Baltimore car accident lawyer is important, if not imperative.  Complicating the decision even more is the number of attorneys to choose from.  Some claim to be the “Best Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer,” or  “most aggressive Baltimore Auto Accident […]


The workers comp attorney in Parkville, Towson, and Essex! Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq. Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has representing injured workers in Parkville, Towson, and Essex Maryland since beginning his law practice.  Focusing solely on workers compensation allows Mr. Rodabaugh to cater to each individual client’s needs while keeping his skills sharp […]