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Representing injured workers throughout Anne Arundel County!

Whether you were injured rushing through the hallways of your Annapolis office  or hurt while operating heavy machinery in Glen Burnie Mr. Rodabaugh is available for representation.  Workers Compensation claims are guided by state law however there are a few distinctions between, say Harford County residents, and Anne Arundel County residents injured at work.  One of the key distinctions is the location of the workers compensation hearing.  Most Anne Arundel county workers comp claims are heard at the Beltsville Commission or the Baltimore City Commission.  In addition, Anne Arundel County workers comp claims, should they be appealed, will be heard in the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.  While representing injured workers Mr. Rodabaugh handles appeals within the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction.

Mr. Rodabaugh has represented many Anne Arundel County residents in their workers compensation cases.  Let him help you navigate the bridges of the workers comp system.

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Examples of some Anne Arundel County Workers Compensation Claims Mr. Rodabaugh has handled.

  • Construction worker’s big toe was run over by a rubber tire piece of heavy machinery.  Luckily the worker did not lose his toe and after some period of rest and casting recovered almost completely.  At the permanency hearing Mr. Rodabaugh was able to obtain an award of over $8,000 and the option for medical treatment will stay open.  Given the mild nature of the injury this Anne Arundel County resident was very satisfied with the results.
  • Electrician fell off of a ladder which resulted in a burst fracture of his lower vertebrae.  The case was settled for over $70,000 in indemnity money and a future medical cost projection of over $40,000.
  • A hospital psychologist witnessed a patient repeatedly stab himself with a knife.  The witnessing of the event led to the need for counseling and time off from work.  The case was later settled for $25,000.
  • Carpenter tore his ACL while playing soccer at a company sponsored event.  The injury required an extensive period of rest, surgery, and physical therapy.  The case settled for over $30,000.
  • A school teacher fell down a flight of stairs during his lunch break which led to a fractured femur.  Although surgery was not required a course of physical therapy and an orthopedic boot was provided.  The case went to a hearing for permanency and the injured Anne Arundel County worker received an award of over $10,000.  Medicals remain open.

What are the rights and benefits available in an Anne Arundel County workers compensation cases

  • Permanency or Settlement- Once medical treatment has concluded or the injured worker requires no further active medical treatment they may qualify for a settlement or a permanency award.  For the Baltimore County workers comp case to settle there must be willingness on both sides to settle the claim.  Often the workers comp insurer is not willing to settle so permanency is the only option to seek compensation at the end of the case.
  • Lost wages/ Temporary Total Disability- While treating if the injured worker is placed out of work by a medical doctor, or has been placed on light duty by a doctor but the employer does not offer light duty the injured worker is entitled to lost wage payments.  The amount is to be no greater than 2/3 of the state’s average weekly wage and at the rate of 66.6% of the injured workers average weekly wage.  The average weekly wage is determined by pay obtained in the 14 weeks prior to the date of accident.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation- In the event the injured worker is not able to return to their pre-injury occupation than they may qualify for vocational rehabilitation which consists of a job search, placement, or training program.  While performing job searches they will be under the guidance of a Vocational Counselor and will be paid at the same rate they were paid for lost wages.  Essentially their job becomes to find a job.
  • Right to a Hearing- In the event medical treatment is denied by workers comp, lost wages are not paid, are paid untimely, or are paid at an inaccurate rate than the injured worker can request a hearing before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  As previously indicated, the hearing will most likely take place in Abingdon or Baltimore City however there is a chance it will take place at one of the other workers compensation hearing locations.
  • Paid Medical Treatment- An injured worker is entitled to have their medical treatment paid for by the workers comp insurer as long as the medical treatment is causally related to the accident at work.  Treatment may included but is not limited to diagnostic testing, blood testing, injections, surgery, physical therapy, medications, and doctors appointments.


Some Common questions the injured worker may have regarding Anne Arundel County workers compensation attorneys and cases:

  • I did not report my accident to anyone, do I still have a case?  The answer is that you most likely still have a case.  Although Maryland workers comp laws require notice to be given to the employer within 10 days, there is a huge amount of argument that can be made to lead to a waiver of this rule.  For further reading on the notice requirement see this.
  • Do I need to hire an attorney to handle my case or can I save money by representing myself ?  The  majority of people involved in the workers compensation system prefer the injured worker be represented.  This may include the Commissioners (Judges), defense attorneys’, adjusters, medical providers, and of course claimants’ attorneys.  While it is a self serving statement for a claimants attorney to advise an injured worker to “lawyer up” there are pros and cons of hiring an attorney that the injured worker should be made aware of. It is a confusing process that can be simplified greatly by letting an attorney handle the matter.
  • How much is my case worth? The value can vary greatly in any workers compensation claim and to provide accurate numbers takes a complete case review, evaluation, and often an appointment with an independent doctor.  Very generally speaking a claim that involves no surgery, pain management, fractures/casting, or injections may have a recovery of $10,000 or less.  For a more accurate estimate a consultation is recommended.
  • What is the process in a workers compensation case and how long will it take?  The length of any given workers compensation case can vary substantially depending on the length of time of treatment as well as the needs and wants of the particular injured worker.  For extensive discussion of the workers comp process go here.
  • Is medical treatment for life?  Very often it is said that medical treatment in an Anne Arundel County workers compensation claim is open for life.  This is not a precise statement.  Medical treatment is open as long as the nature and extent of the injury requires medical treatment.  A minor finger sprain will not lead to 20 years of free medical treatment to that finger.  Likewise, a broken leg may recover completely and not necessitate any future treatment.


Mr Rodabaugh represents injured workers in their workers compensation cases in the towns of:

Annapolis, Annapolis Neck CDP, Arden on the Severn, Arnold,  Brooklyn Park, Cape Saint Claire, Crofton, Crownsville, Deale, Edgewater, Ferndale, Fort Meade CDP, Friendship, Galesville, Gambrills, Glen Burnie, Herald Harbor, Highland Beach, Jessup, Lake Shore, Laurel, Linthicum, Maryland City, Mayo, Naval Academy CDP, Odenton, Parole, Pasadena, Riva, Riviera Beach, Severn, Severna Park, Shady Side

Andrew not only has an awesome personality, but he’s honest. He’s knowledgeable & interaction was easy. What more can you ask? He delivers. Keep up the great work Andrew!

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