When to hire a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

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A Maryland Workman’s comp attorney can not be hired too soon

Those who are injured on the job may be wondering if they need to hire a Maryland Workers Compensation attorney and when the best time to hire an attorney may be.  While most cases would require hiring an attorney there may be some instances where the case is best handled by the injured worker without the help of an attorney.  There are, unfortunately times when it may be very difficult to hire an attorney to handle a particular work injury case.  There are other times that necessitate the hiring of a Maryland workers compensation attorney.

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Do you need to hire a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

In almost every instance it is best to have a lawyer on your side and especially when the adversary will have representation on their side.  Every workers comp insurer has an attorney on their side, either regularly advising them or waiting on retainer for questions the insurance company may have.  The workers comp adjuster has an attorney they can turn to for help with legal questions and guidance with the best practical decision such as when to terminate payment of medical bills or when to seek a second opinion.  The injured worker should also have an attorney they can turn to to answer questions and guide them along the way.  A Maryland workers compensation attorney represents injured workers on a contingency basis so their is no out of pocket expenses until the injured worker recovers money the law provides for them.  Every injured worker should seek out a free consultation from a qualified and experienced lawyer.  

In only a few instances it may be best for a worker that is involved in the workers compensation process to move forward representing themselves.  One scenario is that there was no injury sustained and the incident some how ended up reported to workers compensation. 

When should you hire a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

There is truly no best time to hire a lawyer to handle a compensation case.  Most often- the sooner the better.  There are certain milestones along the way that will increase the necessity for a lawyer. 

Once such instance is when the workers comp adjuster arranges an IME (independent medical evaluation) or second opinion.  This could signal that the treatment thus far provided is likely going to be terminated, the lost wages or compensation thus far provided to the injured worker is going to be terminated, or that the entire case will soon be closed by the workers compensation adjuster.  A Maryland workers compensation attorney can help ensure these things do not happen and the sooner the attorney is involved the more prepared the lawyer can be.

Another instance when an attorney should be immediately consulted is when there is denial of treatment or if compensation payments have stopped. 

If there is a hearing coming up in the workers comp claim a lawyer is likely necessitated.  Workers comp hearings should not be taken lightly and failure to bring representation along can certainly lead to a postponement of the case, and most likely the workers comp commissioner urging the injured worker to seek out an attorney.  If an injured worker goes to a hearing without representation they have a much greater chance of losing their case.  Even if they are successful at the first hearing there will possibly be other hearing which they must prevail in order to maintain workers compensation benefits.  A Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney can help ensure the injured worker wins at the first hearing and continues to win at each and every hearing.

When is it too late to hire a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

There is nothing more frustrating for an attorney than receiving a call from an injured worker who explains that they lost at the hearing and want to file an appeal.  Often the deadline for an appeal has already passed or the damage is done and the chances of succeeding on appeal are slim to none.  The frustrating part is that Maryland Compensation attorney’s work on a contingency basis meaning representation from the beginning would not cost anything and the injured worker would only have to pay out of money the attorney recovers.  There should be little hesitation to hire an attorney and often waiting too long can lead to someone unable to obtain representation at all. 

Often injured workers are willing to pay out of pocket for the attorney to represent them but under Maryland law the attorney can not accept payments in this form. 

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