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  1. How to choose a Baltimore Car accident Lawyer
  2. Consultations
  3. Retainer and Representation
  4. Work Performed
  5. Lawsuit filed
  6. Value of your case



Choosing a lawyer to represent you in a car accident case is not necessarily an easy task however it can be as simplified as one wants.  Billboards, TV ads, internet ads, letters in the mail, and radio ads surround us everyday.  It takes no time to see an ad, make the call and retain the services of just any Baltimore car accident lawyer.  While some victims prefer the streamlined effort this can lead to unintentional results.


An ad reading “the best lawyer around,” “best Baltimore car accident lawyer,” “Top notch legal representation,” is usually factually inaccurate, and most often not verifiable.  As far as I am aware there is no data, or study that names a particular lawyer the best.

Word of mouth

Many lawyers develop their practice by providing good services to their client base which leads to more referrals from their client base.   This is often one of the best ways to find the right attorney for you, however when searching for a Baltimore car accident lawyer one must use this method with a bit of precaution.  If uncle John is referring you to his divorce attorney for representation in a car accident case then the skills and experience of that particular attorney should be questioned.  Is the attorney as good in Baltimore car accident cases as he or she was in uncle John’s divorce case?

Referral services

Referral services can be a good way for car accident victims to find an attorney to represent them.  This method also must be used with a touch of precaution.  The Baltimore car accident lawyer may not have been carefully vetted to determine if they are experienced enough to provide top quality legal advise.  While many referral services have a screening requirement to check the qualifications of the attorney, some are simply a service that is paid for by any attorney that seeks to do business as a Baltimore accident lawyer. 

An additional “referral service” is often an attorney that you or your family has used in the past.  Uncle John’s divorce attorney may be more that happy to refer you to a qualified lawyer if he is not able to handle car accident cases.  Also, Uncle Johny’s attorney will likely not send you to an unqualified attorney because in the end it would make him look bad.

Research, Research, Research

Google and yahoo are your friend when it comes to finding a qualified Baltimore car accident lawyer.  A qualified and established attorney will have a website, provide free consultations, and likely many webpages of information useful to clients.  In addition there are many review sites dedicated to providing reviews and feedback of attorneys.  Sites like Avvo, LegalAdvice, and Justia provide attorney profiles and/or reviews.  Reviews are certainly helpful when determining if an attorney suites the needs of a particular injury victim, but they should be viewed with some skepticism as  fake reviews, and reviews mistakenly made on the wrong attorney profile do exist.



Consultations are free.  Consultations should always be free in personal injury matters.  The no cost consultation has become so customary and appropriate that a Baltimore car accident  attorney requiring a payment for a consultation would be at a severe disadvantage and probably lose a large amount of business.  

Consults are for multiple purposes and for the benefit of the injury victim as well as the attorney.  The attorney will ask numerous questions to see if the case is one that he can adequately and professionally handle and to make sure that the case fits within his or her particular guidelines for accepting cases.  The injury victim can ask questions they have, get to know the attorney, and determine if they are interested in hiring the particular Baltimore car accident lawyer to represent them.  The consultation can take place by telephone, in person, or by email however it is best to have a quick phone call as many attorney can determine if there is a viable case with a few questions and a five minute discussion.

To see more about free consultations follow this link to Workers Compensation ConsultationsWhile the are of law is not synonymous with auto accident cases, the form of the consultation is very similar.



After the consultation the parties may choose to take a few days to decide if a attorney to client relationship is feasible or they may immediately form the relationship by way of a legal retainer.  The Baltimore car accident lawyer retainer agreement will highlight a number of details about the relationship;  Essentially it is a contract between the lawyer and the client/injury victim:

The form of the representation

Car accident lawyers charge a contingent fee meaning he or she gets paid contingent on the lawyers ability to obtain settlement or court ordered compensation for the injury victim.  In other words, if the victim doesn’t recover compensation then the Baltimore car accident lawyer does not get paid.  In addition to this the attorney will pay for the upfront litigation costs such as paying for medical records, using office material, creating exhibits for trial, hiring expert witnesses, and paying a stenographer or videographer for depositions.  Again, if the lawyer fails to get compensation for the victim then he does not get reimbursed for these expenses.

If the attorney is terminated

Retainer language often includes a provision for partial payment of attorney fees even if the attorney is fired.  A lawyer that worked on a case could be entitled to a portion of the new attorney’s fees based on the work that the terminated attorney put into the case.

Attorney Fee

Contingency fee arrangements often start at a 1/3 portion of any settlement.  That is 33% of the gross settlement money is paid to the attorney.  This is the customary and appropriate fee that has been used for decades.  Some Baltimore car accident lawyers have a provision in the retainer agreement that entitles them to an increased fee of 40% if the case goes through litigation and/or trial.  The distinguishing factor is whether or not the attorney has to file a lawsuit versus settling the case with the insurance company prior to filing a lawsuit.  Once a lawsuit is filed attorney expenses increase substantially therefor increasing the amount of money the attorney could potentially lose.



Much of an attorneys work is done behind the scenes out of the clients sight which can lead to an illusion that the attorney is not doing anything for the client.  Because of the created misconception there is not a Baltimore car accident lawyer out there that has never heard a client ask what they have done in their case.  Other than occasional correspondence from the attorney’s office the client will not see the active work that is going on behind the scenes.

At the onset of representation a file for the particular claim will be set up in the attorneys office.  This will be either electronic or a hard paper file.  Various law firms have different ways of setting up a client file however most consist of a folder for correspondence, medicals, invoices/expenses, and litigation documentation.  Then the Baltimore car accident lawyer and his staff will begin sending out letters of representation to the various parties involved in the case such as the defendant, his or her insurance provider, medical providers, the plaintiff’s insurance company, and other relevant parties.

If health insurance is involved because they have paid or will pay for medical treatment related to the accident then they will also be notified.  If the injury  victim has not yet seen a medical provider many attorney’s can assist with coordinating the initial treatment. Medical records will be requested periodically throughout the life of the case and a final time before settlement.  The Baltimore car accident lawyer will assist the client with any questions they may have along the process and while getting medical treatment.

Once treatment has terminated or the injured has reach a point where they do not expect to get any better medically the attorney can attempt to settle the claim with the insurance adjuster.  If settlement negotiations are not successful then the attorney will file a lawsuit with the intention of going to court.




If settlement negotiations fail then it may be necessary for the car accident attorney to file a lawsuit in either the proper District Court or Circuit Court.  The lawsuit paper is referred to as the Complaint.  It summarizes the facts of the accident and alleges liability on the part of the defendant.  It will also note an amount of damages (money) the victim is seeking for restitution.

In response to the Complaint, the defendant will file an Answer.  This is a document stating why the defendant is challenging the allegations that they were at fault.


Once the lawsuit is filed there may be a number of motions that the injury victim (Plaintiff) or the Defendant file.  A motion is a legal document requesting the court to take a specific action.  Some examples of motions are:

  • Motion to Dismiss
  • Motion for Summary Judgement
  • Motion in Limine
  • Motion to Compel


Concurrent with any motions that are filed, the Baltimore car accident lawyer will be working on what is called discovery.  Discovery is essentially an effort of the parties to obtain more evidence in the case to use at trial, and to assist in the attorney’s evaluation for settlement.  Forms of discovery include:

  • Interrogatories- These are written questions submitted to the other side requiring answers under oath.
  • Depositions- This is an in person questioning of a witness, taken under oath, in the presence of a court stenographer.
  • Request for Production of Documents- A document submitted to the other side requiring the other side provide any documents they have in their possession.
  • Request for Admission of Facts- This is a document submitted to the other side requesting they admit to certain facts of the case.  This will help both sides narrow down what facts are truly disputed in the case.  While it seems counter intuitive to admit to anything in a lawsuit there are usually some facts that are not in dispute.  Most Baltimore car accident lawyers will advise that it is not worth arguing over some unimportant fact.  An example of such a fact may be the age of the parties involved. (Note that the age of the parties involved could conceivably be a fact that should not be admitted to in a particular case).

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is an attempt by the parties to come to a resolution/ settlement before the case goes to trial.

  • Mediation- the parties involved meet with a neutral 3rd party mediation and discuss how they can come to a resolution.  It is a way to talk things out and discuss what the parties really want as a resolution.  During the mediation the Baltimore car accident lawyer can advise there client in private as to whether the amount of the suggested settlement is reasonable.  Many cases are settled at mediation and the parties are able to avoid the risk of trial and the risk of a complete loss.
  • Arbitration-  This is a quasi trial.  The parties agree to a neutral Arbitrator who will hear the arguments of both sides and decide the result.
  • Settlement Conference- Some courts require a settlement conference.  Baltimore County Circuit Court is an example of a court that requires a settlement conference.  Similar to mediation, the parties meet with a Judge and try to come to an agreement.


When the parties fail to come to an agreement they will attend a trial.  The format of a trial can vary greatly depending on the particular case.  Some distinctions include:

  • a jury trial vs a bench (judge) trial;
  • trial to determine liability only, damages only, or liability and damages;
  • trial with expert witnesses;
  • trial with numerous witnesses;
  • trial exhibits or no exhibits.



The value of any given car accident can vary greatly.  Factors such as the property damage, and the amount of medical treatment play a great role in determining the settlement value but are not always the determining factor.  Seeking excessive medical treatment in an attempt to boost the value of the case is often counterproductive because it may lead to increased medical bills and less money for the injured.  Alternatively, only obtaining minimal treatment will reduce settlement value substantially.

For further discussion about Baltimore car crash settlements and how a Baltimore car accident lawyer can increase the value of a case follow the link below.




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