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Examples of Baltimore County workers compensation cases Mr. Rodabaugh has handled

  • Neck injury case where the statute of limitations had run months prior to Mr. Rodabaugh being contact.  Mr. Rodabaugh was still able to secure a settlement over $50,000 for the injured Baltimore County worker despite the limitations period being blown.
  • EMT slipped on some melted snow in the garage.  After a surgery and extensive physical therapy Mr. Rodabaugh was able to secure a settlement over $45,000 for the injured worker.
  • A truck driver lost control of his truck while navigating the streets of Baltimore City.  Although the truck driver was at fault and the compensability of the claim was questionable, Mr. Rodabaugh was able to secure a $15,000 settlement.
  • A carpenter sustained an ankle sprain while walking down some steps at the job site.  After a course of physical therapy he was returned to work without limitations or issues.  A settlement was obtained in the amount of $8,000 despite the injured worker not having any permanent complaints.
  • Veterinarian technician injured low back while lifting a dog onto a scale.  Treatment obtained consisted of a two week course of chiropractic care.  The case was settled for $8,000.

Work Experience as a Baltimore County Resident

Born, raised and residing in Baltimore County his whole life, Attorney Rodabaugh understands what the worker class people need for representation.  Mr. Rodabaugh began his working career, not in an office, but in construction.  He was first an apartment maintenance technician in Cockeysville, Maryland.  From their he worked briefly as a laborer in a well know cement and excavation company in Hunt Valley.  He was employed in the black top crew working nights along side a milling machine.  Mr. Rodabaugh then acquired a job as a laborer in a refrigeration and HVAC company.  It was there he moved up the ranks and became a seasoned pipe fitter.  After being employed in the hard labor industry for almost a decade he decided to move his career towards a law degree. 

Work Experience as a Baltimore County Workers Compensation Attorney 

Mr. Rodabaugh’s legal career started as an Assistant County Attorney for Baltimore County.  It is there he learned the techniques and strategies often used on the defense side of Workers Compensation.  After approximately a year and half Mr. Rodabaugh left Baltimore County Office of law and began his tenure with the Law Firm of Cohen & Dwin where he continues to work today.  Mr. Rodabaugh regularly represents the residents of Baltimore County fighting for their rights!

Life Experience as a Baltimore County Resident 

Mr. Rodabaugh grew up in a blue collar family and began working at the age of 13.  He attended public school in various Baltimore County Schools.  After obtaining his high school degree from Dulaney High School, he attended CCBC, Villa Julie College/Stevenson University, then University of Baltimore Law School.

His father was a construction worker from a young age, and his mother works as a data entry clerk for a municipality.  Mr. Rodabaugh’s family occupations consist of Plumbers, Carpenters, Salesman, Secretaries, nurse technicians, cosmotologists, and mechanics.  It is these families members that taught Mr. Rodabaugh what the hard working Baltimore County residence need as their attorney.

I needed a lawyer for my workers compensation case. I was referred to Mr. Rodabaugh. I was very nervous about the case, and a little overwhelmed. Mr. Rodabaugh took extra time to talk to me (lots of questions he answered over the phone) and explained step by step of how everything worked. He was very confident, and made me feel comfortable with my case and decision. I highly recommend Mr. Rodabaugh.
  • Five Stars

Life Experience as a Baltimore County Workers Compensation Attorney

Mr. Rodabaugh has represented Baltimore County residence in various occupations throughout his career as a workers compensation attorney.  The includes, but is not limited to truck drivers, teachers, student aides, bus attendants, crossing guards, counselors, nurses, certified nursing assistants, secretaries, doctors, professors, uber drivers, assembly line workers, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, electricians, laborers, movers, air line workers, delivery drivers, maintenance techs, HVAC mechanics, welders, cosmetologists, and machinists. 

With each and every case Mr. Rodabaugh learns about the occupation and the risks and exposures to which the workers are susceptible.  He uses this knowledge to best represent the client and maximize the benefits recovered.

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