Finding an attorney for a Hearing Maryland Workers Compensation

Do not wait until the day of the hearing to try and find a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney.

While, most likely you will not face devastating consequences the process will become unnecessarily complicated by waiting until the last minute to find an attorney.

Tomorrow is my workers compensation hearing and I have no attorney, what do I do?

    • Try to speak with an attorney right away.  Mr Rodabaugh is available at various times throughout the day so do not hesitate to contact him. +1 (410) 937-1659
    • If you do not have time to call an attorney plan on attending.  Failure to attend the hearing can lead to your case being dismissed and losing the opportunist to get benefits.
    • Dress professionally and be polite when addressing the commissioner.  Be sure to address the commission as “your honor” and say please and thank you.
    • Arrive to the hearing early.  Familiarize yourself with the settings.  Find the hearing room in which your case will be heard. (security staff can be a great help with this)
    • Do not panic!  If this is the first time the case has been set in for a hearing then a postponement will most likely be granted.  When your name is called ask the commissioner for more time to get an attorney they will in all probability give you more time.  Make sure you are honest.
    • Once the postponement has been granted make sure to obtain a qualified and experienced attorney.  There are experienced Baltimore workers compensation attorney that will gladly assist with the case.
    • What to expect at the hearing


Why you should not wait until the hearing to find the right attorney

In order to adequately prepare for a hearing before the workers compensation commission an attorney will need plenty of time to obtain the necessary documents.  In every case medical records are an absolute necessity in making arguments and prevailing at the administrative level.  Without a medical opinion most cases will fall short and leave the injured worker without benefits.  Most facilities do not respond to medical request as quickly as one would hope and It is the norm to wait weeks to receive medical records.  On occasion the process can take months.

Allow your attorney plenty of time by hiring them well before the hearing.  Any workers compensation attorney in Baltimore or Maryland can appreciate this!

With plenty of time an attorney may be able to work the case out to alleviate any need for the hearing.  Often times, an injured worker is simply not telling the defense attorney or adjuster what they need to hear.  On a regular basis I see that hearing are scheduled because the insurance company simply needed more time to obtain records or get a witness statement.  There is often a simple solution to problems but the bureaucracy and people involved complicate matters.

Your attorney will need time to contact potential witness’ for discussion of what they saw the day of your workplace accident.  Sometimes having one witness will change the mind of the workers comp adjuster.  

Hiring an attorney late in the process will cause delay.  If you hire an attorney any later than three months from the date of a hearing there will most likely be a postponement.  That is not necessarily a bad thing if it means doing away with the necessity of the hearing but one should be prepared for a postponement.


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