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If you have been injured on the job and need help with your case Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh is here to help!  Mr. Rodabaugh has handled thousands of cases including but not limited to construction, public safety, secretaries, carpenters, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and more.

Mr. Rodabaugh has learned workers comp’s play book and know how and when to put up a fight.  This knowledge has helped secure numerous six figure awards for injury victims.  If you are being told by family or friends to hire an attorney then you probably should consider it.

Why hire Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq. ?

Hiring an attorney is not always a necessity.  People represent themselves in traffic court on a regular basis and often do just as good as if they would have a lawyer by their side.  There are on occasion work injury cases that do not require the assistance of a workers compensation lawyer, however this is not the norm.  Even if things seem to be going smooth for months or even years an attorney should atleast be consulted.  A simple phone call can help determine if things really are going smooth or if the insurance company is playing games with the future of the injured party.  Unfortunately, a great majority of workers comp cases involve some ill will or misguidance to the injured employee.

Baltimore Workers Compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh will ensure that the injured employee gets all the benefits they deserve!  This includes lost wages, compensation, job training, future medical protection, mileage payments, and more.  Not only does Mr. Rodabaugh pride himself on representing the injured worker, but he relates to them in a compassionate and understanding manner.  Coming from a blue collar family and working in construction for the better part of a decade Mr. Rodabaugh personally experienced the grief and hard ache that can surmount a family.  Catastrophic injuries can lead families into foreclosure or bankruptcy.  Even minor accidents can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills for the family.

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How much does a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer charge in Maryland?

Maryland law specifies how much a workers compensation lawyer may charge clients.  Most notably, there is no way for an attorney to charge an injured worker in advance of performing work.  Otherwise stated it is illegal and unethical for any work injury lawyer in Maryland to get an upfront payment.

Baltimore Workers comp lawyers Andrew M. Rodabaugh will work on a contingency basis which means he gets paid only after money is recovered for the client.  Mr. Rodabaugh will pay upfront costs which often include paying for medical records, and preparing exhibits and witnesses.  Once money is recovered the attorney can request a fee.

Lawyers can request a fee of up to 20% of the money recovered on cases that go to a permanency hearing.  For hearings on back lost wages (ttd benefits) an attorney can request a fee of 10% of the money recovered.  Hearings to recover vocational rehabilitation payments the workers compensation lawyer may also request a fee of 10% out of back payments recovered.

When a case is settled the Baltimore workers compensation lawyer may request a fee based on the calculations contained in COMAR, Maryland Code of Regulations.  This fee is often very close to the fee that would be obtained in a permanency hearing.

All Baltimore workers compensation lawyer fees are approved by the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission prior to the payment of said fee.

What kind of cases will a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer handle?

Workers compensation lawyers handle a variety of work place injuries some of which often come to as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the industry.  Injuries that take place at company events, in the parking lot of the employer, on lunch or meal breaks, and at other times are potentially covered under workers comp laws.  Not only are the obvious injuries such as those suffered by construction worker covered by workers compensation, but injuries like the secretaries carpal tunnel, the teachers slip and fall in the hallway, or even the delivery driver who caused an automobile accident.

If an injury is associated with work then there is a good chance that workers comp benefits will be available.  Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq is willing to discuss instances that resulted in injury even if the employee is not sure it is a workers comp case.

What are some of the things a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer can do for an injured worker?

    Looks out for their best interest: As the injured worker navigates the workers comp process there are opportunities for the insurance company to take advantage and ultimately manipulate the case in their favor.  This could include coming to agreements that seemingly are innocent but end up being detrimental to the worker.  Once example is getting a recorded statement of injuries sustained and using that statement in the future to fight requests for medical treatment.  The unrepresented claimant usually does not know about the odds of winning at a hearing versus just negotiating a resolution.  A qualified Baltimore workers compensation lawyer will be able to advise on the chances of success while looking past possible irrelevant facts that may give the injured worker false expectations.

    Answers questions:  Many injured employees are not familiar with the workers compensation system which leads to insecurity and vulnerability.  Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq. is available for questions while the cases progresses.  In addition Mr. Rodabaugh has a team of legal assistance and paralegals who are also available for questions and discussion along the way.  Baltimore workers compensation lawyer s should be available if and when the injured worker has questions about the process, concerns about compensation or medical treatment, or simply has a curiosity about the next step in the comp process.

    Ensures complete benefits are received:  Because many injured workers are experiencing work comp for the first time they are not aware of all benefits available to them according to Maryland law.  In most situations the insurance adjuster will not voluntarily provide all benefits.  It is the job of the adjuster to save money not spend money.  It is the job of the victims Baltimore workers compensation lawyer to obtain all of the benefits to which the injured is entitled!

    Attends hearings:  If the insurance company is not willing to provide benefits to which the employee is entitled then Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew Rodabaugh will file for hearing and argue to get the benefits.  Unless all benefits are provided voluntarily, a hearing is the only way to force workers compensation to provide the same.

    Ensures the claim is handled properly:  Whether intentional or by mistake benefits injured employees receive are often incomplete.  If lost wages are miscalculated the injured worker may miss out on thousands of dollars over the life of the claim.  Calculations of the proper average weekly range is important but can be confusing at times.  Adjusters often do not consider the principal of fairness when calculating this number.  Workers compensation lawyers regularly challenge these figures and often recover thousands of dollars owed to the victim.

A Baltimore workers compensation lawyer is able to refer the injured worker to a doctor for treatment

Baltimore workers compensation lawyers can refer clients to certain physicians for treatment.  Ultimately it is up to the lawyer and the injured worker if this referral would be beneficial or if they are best suited to go through a primary care doctor.The injured workers’ lawyer will look at a number of factors when deciding if a referral should be made, to whom the referral should be made, and when the referral should be made.

When would a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer provide a referral to a physician?

Many Baltimore workmans comp lawyers have a working relationship with a number of medical facilities and physicians.  It is generally understood that the lawyer will ensure the doctor is paid for the treatment provided if the doctor agrees to provide treatment in advance of payment or with some other contingencies.  With this said, work injury lawyers are more than willing to refer an injured worker to a doctor at the onset of the case, when the worker has not yet been seen by a physician or a physician in the particular area of medicine needed.

In some cases a second opinion is a valid and necessary need and a referral should be made.  Some examples when a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer may refer a client to a physician when the client is already under a doctors’ care are: treating doctor lacks proper bedside manner, loss of communication between the doctor and the client/patient, or if the client/patient has lost trust in the treating doctor.

A referral should NOT be made by the Baltimore Workers Compensation Lawyer when:

The injured worker has already been seen by a physician and is under their care.  A change in medical provider may be looked at as doctor shopping for a particular opinion.  In some instances a change in medical provider indicates, or provides the argument, the injured worker is simply looking for a doctor that will provide an out of work note, or a physician that is willing to entertain symptom magnification and treat accordingly.  In my experience these scenarios are seldom the case, however it does provide the defense an argument that could potentially damage the workers comp case.

Most often, if an injured worker wants a change in pain management a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer should not and will not provide a referral.  Not only would this be viewed as doctor shopping, but would be a sign of drug seeking.  When there is a question of drug seeking, a referral is best left to a physician.

What about referrals by employers or workers comp adjusters?

Baltimore employers often require their employees to be seen by a physician of the employers choosing immediately after a work place accident.  While employers are generally allowed to require this as part of their employment agreement, an injured worker may not be forced into treating with that doctor or any particular doctor.

Injured workers are often told by the workers comp adjuster or case handlers that there is a “list” of doctors that they are able to see under the workers comp policy.  There is no law restricting what doctor an injured Baltimore worker can see.  In fact, an injured employee can see any doctor they choose as long as that doctor accepts workers comp insurance.  The “list” is carefully created for the benefit of the insurance company and consists of particular doctors for particular reasons.  An insurance company is certainly not going to refer an injured worker to a physician that is going to turn a blind eye to the insurance companies interests and the “list” often includes doctors  who have a tendency to treat conservatively.  This is not to say that the doctors on the list are not very qualified experts.  In many cases they are the best of the best; however their theory of medicine and the application thereof may be different than what the injured worker wants or prefers.

In need of a referral to a doctor?

If an injured worker is in need of a doctor referral it is often not in the best interest of the worker to go to a doctor on the adjusters list.  It is best to contact your primary care doctor but also to discuss the referral with a qualified and experienced Baltimore workers compensation lawyer.

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The relationship between a Baltimore workers compensation lawyer and the injured worker

Communication between an lawyer and an injured worker is important in Maryland!

At a certain point an injured worker may consider contacting a new lawyer if their current lawyer is not returning his or her calls and communication is lacking.  Baltimore workers compensation lawyers are obligated to keep their clients reasonably informed throughout the claim process.

As a very rough estimate once a month is reasonable and practical.  Depending on the circumstances of the case it may not be necessary for the lawyer to speak with the client for six months at a time.  This may be the case if treatment is being obtained and the workers comp adjuster is not denying the treatment.  If things are flowing smoothly than Baltimore workers compensation lawyers usually do not need to hear from the client.  In other circumstances it may be necessary for the injured worker to call their comp lawyer once a week for a few weeks.  This does not mean injured workers should expect communication every week, however their may come a time frequent and repeated conversations are necessary in order to prepare for an upcoming hearing or in order to work out a resolution to the issues at hand.  Maryland workers compensation laws are confusing so it can be expected injured workers will have many questions in the beginning of the case and therefore the client can reasonably expect regular conversations with their Baltimore workers compensation lawyer.  If the injured worker has questions he should call his attorney to discuss them.

Is my Baltimore workers compensation lawyer avoiding me?

If the lawyer is avoiding there client, shame on them.  Most often the lack of communication comes from the lawyer having many clients.  This is not an excuse for lack of communication and it is up to the lawyer to ensure that he or she is available for their clients on a regular basis.  It is often necessary for Maryland workers compensation lawyer’s to hire support staff so that they can assist clients while the lawyer is unavailable.

There may certainly come a time when the lawyer is in a multiple day trial, or is in workers compensation hearings for an extended period of time.  Occasionally having to wait a week for a return call should not be taken personal and it may be necessary to allow the maryland workers compensation lawyer to get caught up on returning calls.  However, this should not be the norm.  A return call should be made within one or two days.  Maryland workers compensation hearing typically take up a half of the lawyers’ day so when he or she has a hearing they will not be able to be reached for a day, sometimes two.

When should I consider obtaining a new Baltimore workers compensation lawyer to handle my case?

This question is tough to answer because each and every Maryland workers compensation case is different and each injured worker has different needs.  When making this decision the injured worker must consider if questions going unanswered are potentially damaging to their case, how often the lawyer is available for conversation, are the conversations meaningful to the injured worker, does the injured worker feel like they are being neglected?  Explaining these concerns to the representing lawyer can help salvage the relationship and also be in the best interest of the injured worker.  Many Baltimore workers compensation lawyers are open to discuss any negative feelings.

If the injured workers emails, calls, texts have gone unanswered for weeks or more it may be time to reconsider their choice of lawyer.  It is best to call and consult another Maryland licensed lawyer for a consultation.  Consultations with workers comp lawyers in Maryland are always free.


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Mr. Rodabaugh is a valuable asset to his community.  His continuing dedication to the law and his clients is admirable.
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You can speak with Baltimore workers compensation lawyer Andrew M. Rodabaugh for a FREE consultation   Call Click to email  or just fill out the form below and Mr. Rodabaugh will contact you!


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