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Those employed as behavior specialists, Counselors, and therapists in Maryland are often injured on the job.

It is important to note that a great majority of the behavior specialists are entitled to workers compensation benefits.  The inherent risk of the occupation makes it almost impossible to alleviate all the dangers associated with being behavior specialist so it is vital that workmans compensation is available in the event an injury is sustained.  Mr. Rodabaugh has represented numerous workers who sustained injuries after an attack or other mechanism of injury.

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With the help of Workman’s Compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh Behavior Specialists, Counselors, and Therapists can obtain all of the benefits to which they are entitled.

Those Specialists and Counselors hurt at work in Maryland are entitled to numerous benefits:

  1. Lost wages for time missed from work because of the injury.  Referred to as temporary total disability payments (TTD);
  2. Complete payment of medical bills from treatment, consultations, diagnostics, medication, or other medically related items such as transportation to the doctors appointments, braces, crutches, alternative means of transportation such as scooters and walkers.
  3. Vocational Rehabilitation is often available as well.  This would include job counseling and assistance in the job search.
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, in the same amount as TTD will be paid to the injured worker while searching for a job or undergoing training in a new occupation. 
  5. If the Behavior Specialist, Counselor, or therapist does not recover from the accident 100% they will be entitled to a permanency award.  Mr. Rodabaugh will help set up a rating appointment to determine what if any permanent partial disability the injured worker has.
  6. Insurers often fight medical treatment, especially when the case has be reopened.  Mr. Rodabaugh can assist Behavior Specialists in obtaining lifetime medical care if the nature of the injury so requires.

The inherent risks of working as a Behavior Specialist, Counselor, or therapist.

Children and troubled youth are unpredictable and irrational at times.  Going into the profession most Behavior Specialists and Therapists know this but are willing to put their safety on the line for the greater good.  The risks associated with working around troubled youth can be obvious at times.  They can become combative towards staff or other youth and such acts of aggression often lead to injuries of a great variety.  Injuries can vary in degree and nature- from a sprained finger during an altercation to a fractured skull because of a surprise attack.

There are also other risks associated with the occupation that are not apparent.  Those risks relate to anyone that is in an educational setting like teachers. (See Baltimore City Teachers).  Being active for many hours of the day can lead to sprains and strains.  The requirement to be standing a majority of the day can and will lead to increased risk of injury by way of a trip, slip, or fall.  Many Behavior Specialists are required to provide materials used for education which may on occasion require heavy lifting.  In other circumstances those behavior specialists that are required to participate in physical education are at an increased rate of sustained sports related injuries.

Some of the injured Behavior Specialists, Therapists, or Counselors Mr. Rodabaugh has  represented in their workmans comp case include:

  1. Behavior specialist who was assaulted by a student from behind.  She was punched in the back of the head and wrestled to the ground by the student.  With the help of staff she was able to escape the attack however not without injuries.  The result of the attack was a head injury, back sprain, and neck strain.  The client was awarded back pay and permanency money with the help of Mr. Rodabaugh.
  2. Behavior Therapist was walking from the parking lot of the facility to start his day of work when he tripped on a piece of cracked cement.  He fell to the ground and landed on his knee.  Surgery was required to remove a chuck of the bone and repair a ligament.
  3.   Behavior Specialist witness a very troubled youth self mutilate himself.  The horrific nature of the scene led to the specialist needing psychological treatment.  After an extensive course of therapy he was able to recover from the trauma completely.
  4. Behavior Specialist was teaching a course when a student became unruly.  The student was asked to leave the class and the response was to throw a chair at the teacher.


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