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Do you want to know how to find the best Baltimore car accident lawyer ?

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First realize there is no ” best Baltimore car accident lawyer .”  Each lawyer has skills, qualities, and characteristics that may or may not stand out to clients.  The best Baltimore car accident lawyer is one that meets the particular needs of the particular baltimore car accident lawyer

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How to select YOUR best Baltimore car accident lawyer

  1. Think about what your goals are-  There are many qualified car accident lawyers in Maryland that can provide you with quick settlement money provided from the insurance company.  If obtaining quick money from a car accident is the main goal then perhaps the best Baltimore car accident lawyer for you is going to be quite easy to find.  The problem with this goal is that quick settlements often leave many issues to arise in the future.  It is not uncommon for unknown hospital bills to show up after the quick settlement money has been obtained and spent.  The injury victim will then feel short changed and in need of more money.  In some circumstances the need for the quick settlement money is justified and in the interest of the victim.  In this scenario the best Baltimore car accident lawyer should be able to pursue accordingly.
  2. What qualities do you want in your attorney-  Some people consider the ” best Baltimore car accident lawyer ” analogous to the ” most aggressive Baltimore car accident lawyer .”  This is not necessarily a wrong assumption.  To be aggressive means the lawyer will stand up for the injury victim and fight for their rights.  However, there are times where aggression is not necessarily an indicator of success, nor the attorney’s skills or quality of work.  Many attorney’s know how to raise their voices, use aggressive tactics, and present argument in a manner indicating force and might.  The issue with this tactic is if the aggression only magnifies their lack of knowledge of the law.  The best Baltimore car accident lawyer should know that aggression is important but should also know that at times sincerity can obtain the same benefits with less counter aggression from the other side.
  3. Think about the cost of the attorney- While it is customary for Maryland attorneys to charge 33 1/3% to 40% contingency fee in car accident cases some attorneys are willing to provide services at a deep discount.  Ultimately this could be appealing to the victim because it means they will recover more percent of money to themselves.  However, this could also mean a reduction in effort.  The old adage speaks volumes- “you get what you pay for.”  The best Baltimore car accident lawyer may be willing to reduce his fee in certain circumstances, however regularly practicing on a constantly reduced fee may indicate there is a reduced value to legal services being rendered.
  4. Meet with the attorney and discuss the case-  An in person meeting will allow the attorney and the victim a chance to get to know each other and better understand what exactly is needed, wanted, and expected by the injury victim.  Consultations with lawyers in these cases are free so the injured victim should take advantage of free legal advice.  Meeting with multiple attorney’s before choosing one for representation is a good idea as well as it will help the victim find their best Baltimore car accident lawyer .
  5. General Practitioner versus focused car accident lawyer- There are many attorneys to choose from when pursuing an auto accident claim but there are fewer qualified and experienced ” best car accident lawyers .”  Some attorneys may practice in many areas of law handling only a limited amount of cases in each area of law, while other attorneys may focus their work in select fields of law.  Focusing in only one or two areas of law allow an attorney to fine tune their skills in that area of law and continue educating themselves as the law changes and evolves.  Otherwise stated, an attorney with 100 cases, 10 of which are auto accident claims may not be as skilled and experienced as an attorney handling 100 cases 90 of which are auto accident cases.  When considering who is the best Baltimore car accident lawyer it is best to ask what percentage of cases are auto accident related.
  6. Experience vs. Eagerness-  Often times an older attorney is looked at as having more skill and expertise than those younger than he or she.  This is sometimes true but not always the case.  Using #5 as an example, if the older attorney only handles a small portion of auto accident claims then he may very well not be as qualified as a younger lawyer.  Also, experienced older attorneys may not always have the zeal and eagerness to maximize justice and compensation.  Finding the best Baltimore car accident lawyer means finding an attorney that wants to represent their client with enthusiasm and seek out justice.


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Why hire a Baltimore Attorney?     How much does a car accident attorney charge?  Do I really need an attorney?


Is the most compassionate attorney the best Baltimore car accident lawyer ?

It is certainly important for the representing attorney to have some compassion for the injury victim they represent.  The compassion helps motivate one to fight for the benefits to which the victim is entitled, but also ensures a level of zeal will be presented on the victims behalf when needed.  While compassion alone does not guarantee the best Baltimore car accident lawyer title, it is a necessary quality for one who seeks justice.

Compassion is a necessary quality trait for an attorney but it should be accompanied by empathy.  The compassionate attorney can feel strongly about something, fight hard, and recover fair and  just benefits for the injury victim.  In most cases that compensation is adequate and fair under the law.  However, in some cases that fair compensation may simply not be enough for the injury victim.  This is where an attorney with empathy can understand and argue for additional benefits because the victim deserves above and beyond what may be considered fair compensation.  The ” best Baltimore car accident lawyer ” will have both compassion and empathy for their clients!


The best Baltimore car accident lawyer is the lawyer that will get me the most settlement money, correct?

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Wrong!  The most settlement money is important, very important, however it is also important that as many if not all liens and claims to that settlement money are taken care of before settlement money is distributed.  If the attorney claims to be the best Baltimore car accident lawyer then he or she must ensure that all or as many as possible medicare, medicaid, health insurance, workers comp insurance liens are closed and secured before settlement money is distributed to the victim.  If lien holders that are entitled to reimbursement are not reimbursed before settlement money is distributed then the victim may end up owing reimbursement after they obtain their settlement money.

Below is two scenarios which demonstrate how a smaller settlement check can mean a better settlement!

Scenario A: 20 year old victim was t-boned by a tractor trailer the operator of which failed to stop at a stop sign.  The truck driver admitted he was at fault and the injury victim was treated for extensive injuries included a spinal fracture.  Medical care was paid for by medicaid.  Victim did not obtain the best Baltimore car accident lawyer but one that promised a quick settlement.  The case was quickly settled and the victim received a check for $100,000.

One month after the settlement check was received medicaid contacted the victim and advised that she owed them $120,000 for medical bills they paid.  Not only must the entire check be given to them, but the victim must come up with an addition $20,000.

Scenario B:  Same accident- 20 year old victim was t-boned by a tractor trailer the operator of which failed to stop at a stop sign.  The truck driver admitted he was at fault and the injury victim was treated for extensive injuries included a spinal fracture.  Medical care was paid for by medicaid.

Victim in Scenario B retained a good attorney.  She later considered her attorney the best auto accident attorney in Baltimore.  The attorney contacted medicaid before distributed settlement money and was able to negotiate with them to reduce their $120,000 lien to $40,000.  This $40,000 was taken out of the settlement and paid.  The victim was given a $60,000 check and all medical bills and liens were taken care of.  In the end Victim B received a smaller settlement check, but was able to keep the money!

Some qualities that may be important when selecting your best Baltimore car accident lawyer :

Do they educate clients-  While most of this blog post is about finding the best Baltimore car accident lawyer it is also worth considering what makes the best client for the attorney- one that is educated about the process and realities of each case.  If an attorney explains to his client what to expect regarding settlement, the personal injury process, and the realities of the case the client can make educated decisions throughout the case.  This leads to better results and a satisfying attorney/client relationship.

The client that just takes the attorney’s recommendation may in the end begin to question the results.  One trait that an injury victim should look for in an attorney is the willingness to explain

Contact and communication- It is important that a client is able to get in contact with their attorney should they have any questions or concerns regarding their case, but especially when emergencies arise.  While many attorneys have little availability because of court appearances and meeting with clients there are proper safe guards that can be used to keep communication open.  Consider asking the attorney during the first meeting if support staff is available for common questions and assistance with issues that may arise.  In addition to support staff, is there an office process in place that allows the client to schedule an appointment with the attorney should the need arise?  The ” best Baltimore car accident lawyer ” will have support staff and appointment slots available for clients needs.

Knowledge of the subject matter- Perhaps the most important quality in any legal matter is having the requisite knowledge to represent the client adequately.  While auto accident cases are not the most complex of legal matters an attorney must still have a significant amount of practice and experience in order to properly represent, and especially to be considered the best Baltimore car accident lawyer . Like any area of law auto accident law does contain numerous nuances and intricacies that demand a certain level competency on the attorney’s part if the case is to be handled properly. 

When discussing an auto collision case with an attorney they should have at least basic knowledge regarding medical liens-knowing which liens are legitimate and which are not mandated by law, UIM coverage, PIP coverage, insurance stacking, and offsets.

Basic knowledge of other legal subject matter-  Yes, having the best car accident lawyer may require them to have some basic knowledge in other areas of the law.  For instance, knowledge of bankruptcy law may be needed to determine if the proceeds from settlement are subject to bankruptcy procedures, or knowledge of tax law may be needed to  determine what portion of settlement, if any, is subject to taxes.

Extensive knowledge of other areas of law are often helpful-  Car accident cases largely revolve around knowing insurance law, litigation law, but often workers compensation law also comes into play. 


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The best Baltimore car accident lawyer should have knowledge about workers compensation law as well

Below is information regarding workers compensation and how it may come into play when an auto accident occurs.

Whether or not a car accident will lead to Maryland workers compensation benefits is a complicated question that is best answered by a qualified Workers Compensation attorney only after an in person interview is conducted.  Many factors should be considered including terms of employment, location of accident, and circumstances of the accident.

    If an employee is paid by their employer to travel then the accident may be covered under workers compensation.  Ordinarily this could mean being paid mileage, being reimbursed for parking, reimbursement for tolls, and or payment of parking fees.  While reimbursement of travel expenses are not conclusive as to the validity of a Maryland workers compensation case they can be useful when arguing the case should be covered.

    When a company car is provided to an employee there is a strong argument that the auto accident should be covered under workers comp.  By providing a company car the employer is recognizing that the use of the car is necessary for the employee to carry out their job duties.  If the employee is leaving their house and going to work then the case can be quite strong and may lead to substantial workers compensation benefits under law.  If however, the employee is using the car for strictly personal use the argument for benefits weakens.  There are plenty of cases that have been deemed compensable by the workers compensation commission that involve a person using a company car for personal use.  In fact, police who use the patrol cruiser off hours are often awarded Maryland workers compensation benefits.

    While the employee being on the clock or “punched in” is not a deciding factor it is a strong indication that the employee is entitled to the compensation benefits provided by Maryland law.  If the employee was on the clock then he was working.  The defense would have a burden to argue otherwise.

    If an employee is working while using their car then they are likely entitled to workers comp benefits.  Unfortunately determining if the employee is “working” can be more difficult then one may think.  There are cases that clearly indicate the employee was working.  For instance:

  •           a truck driver involved in a accident while on I95;
  •           a home care nurse traveling from one house to another, or
  •           a trade mechanic such as a HVAC or plumber traveling from one call to another.

The location of the auto accident may shed some light on whether a Maryland workers compensation claim should be filed.

    For an auto accident to lead to Maryland workers compensation benefits the location matters.  If the accident does not occur in Maryland, and the employer or the employee have NO ties to Maryland then the case will not be covered.  If however the employer is based in Maryland but the accident occurred in another state then the auto accident may lead to a valid workers comp case.  Also, if the employee lives in Maryland, works in Maryland, and was injured in Maryland the case will likely not be barred by jurisdictional restraints.

    Another consideration is the route of travel the employee was taking.  For Maryland workers compensation benefits to be due the employee must have been relatively close to the expected route of travel when the accident occurred.  An employee must use the expected and reasonable route of travel to the destination of employ.  If they travel to the same location almost every day but choose to travel way out of the expected course then they may have compromised their right to benefits.

    Maryland workers compensation laws recognize a principal referred to as Frolic and Detour.  This relates to the expected route of travel but also the purpose of the trip.  If at the time of the accident the employee was going far “out of the way” to run a personal errand then they may not be entitled to Maryland workers compensation benefits.  If however they were only taking a minor detour such as pulling off to get lunch then benefits may be due.

Circumstances of the car accident will help determine if it is covered under Maryland workers compensation.

    There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when evaluating a case for workers compensation purposes.  The best option is to consult an attorney for a free consultation.  Some of the circumstantial considerations the attorney will look for are below.

    Was the employee engaged in willful misconduct?  This may include being under the influence of a drug or alcohol, or intentionally causing the accident.

    Fortunately under Maryland law if the employee was negligent in causing the accident this will not bar them from recovering workers compensation benefits.



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