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Truck driver injuries-Maryland Workers Comp

Common Work Injuries Sustained by Maryland Truck Drivers  +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email Collisions- The most common and most obvious type of accident that a truck driver is involved in is automobile collisions.  The inherent risk of their job lead truck drivers regularly exposed to auto accidents.  Some truck drivers spend 4o to 50 hours a week […]

Payments for life under workers comp disability in Maryland?- The misconception!

Does the injured Maryland worker really receive disability payments for life from Workers Comp? For a free consult call +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email Many injured workers hear the phrase disability payments and begin to think that disability payments from workers comp will be for a lifetime.  For those in the workers compensation industry it is […]

Baltimore Workers Comp Hearing- No attorney yet

Do not wait until the day of the hearing to try and find a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney. While, most likely you will not face devastating consequences the process will become unnecessarily complicated by waiting until the last minute to find an attorney. Tomorrow is my workers compensation hearing and I have no attorney, what […]

Maryland law prohibits certain actions by employers in workers compensation cases

As a Baltimore, Maryland workers compensation attorney I often get asked what the injured workers employer can and cannot do to the employee. It would take quite sometime to advise as to all the actions a Maryland employer is prohibited from doing to the injured employee, however I have selected a few prohibitions I often […]

Can my employer fire because of my Maryland workers comp case?

If you have filed a worker compensation claim in Baltimore, or throughout the state of Maryland, you should not fear your employer will terminate you. For a no cost consultation with Maryland workers compensation attorney Andrew Rodabaugh +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email Under Maryland labor & Employment article 9-1105 specifically states that “an employer may […]

Workers Compensation Hearings- Baltimore, Maryland

All about Maryland Workers Compensation Hearings Injured employees involved in a workers compensation case often wonder what to expect at a hearing.  The unknown often creates uneasiness and undue nervousness.  This is the case especially if the only hearings or court room proceedings the individual has been exposed to are those on television which create […]

My Baltimore workers comp attorney is not returning my calls

Communication between an attorney and an injured worker is important in Maryland! At a certain point an injured worker should not hesitate to contact a new attorney if their current attorney is not returning his or her calls and communication is lacking.  Maryland workers compensation attorneys are obligated to keep their clients reasonably informed throughout […]

Employer is not providing light duty- Md. Work Comp

An Employer must provide true light duty work Regularly employers indicate to the employee that they have light duty work available for the employee.  When the employee returns to work he or she is pressured into performing tasks that are outside of the limitations the doctor ordered.  While some flexibility on the injured workers part […]

When will my Maryland Workers Compensation case settle?

Maryland Workers Compensation settlements can take some time to perfect To speak in person with a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney call    +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email The Short Answer: A Maryland Workers Compensation case can settle at any time during the below process if all parties are on the same page regarding the terms of […]

When do I report my Maryland Workers Comp Injury

There are Numerous Deadlines and limitations statutes in  Maryland Workers Compensation Cases.  For a no cost consultation with Maryland workers compensation attorney Andrew Rodabaugh call +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email To ensure these deadlines are met a qualified Maryland workers comp attorney should be retained immediately after the accident.  Report any accident to a supervisor […]