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Workers Comp Money- Maryland Work Injury Attorney

There are multiple forms of workers compensation money in any given Maryland workers compensation case.  It is important for the injured worker to understand the types of money available so that they do not short change themselves when it comes time for settlement.  Understanding the various forms of potential cash is important for any injured […]

Mileage Reimbursement- Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659 and speak with Maryland workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. Under Maryland Workers Compensation laws an injured worker is entitled to be repaid for mileage to and from doctors appointments.  This will include physical therapy appointments, primary care appointments, orthopedic appointments, and any other reasonable […]

Assault, Battery, Harassment at work- Maryland Workers Comp

Being assaulted, battered, or harassed at work can put a person in a very tough position.   If assaulted or battered the affected employee can require substantial medical treatment or psychological counseling.  In most cases an assault or battery at a Maryland work place will be covered under Maryland workers compensation laws and the injured […]

Late Workers Comp Checks- Maryland Workers Compensation Penalties

Workers that are unfortunate enough to get hurt on the job in Maryland may be entitled to receive lost wages.  These workers comp payments are called temporary total disability benefits.  The amount, timeliness, and accuracy of these payments should be verified with a workers comp attorney. For a Free Consultation call Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney […]

10 important things injured Maryland workers must know

Maryland Injured Workers Should know! +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email 1.  Filing “the” Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claim In order to be protected by Maryland workman’s compensation laws a claim must be filed with the Workers Compensation Commission.  It is not enough to file a claim with the insurance company.  To make sure this is done […]

Maryland Workman’s Comp Process is confusing to workers- Series 2 of 3

For a no cost consultation with Maryland workers compensation attorney Andrew Rodabaugh call +1 (410) 937-1659 As discussed in Series 1 of this post the confusion among workers injured in Maryland often starts with the setting up the very first doctors appointment.  If the injured worker is able to get to a doctor without any […]

Maryland Workman’s Comp Process is Confusing to workers- Series 1 of 3

For a no cost consultation with Maryland workers compensation attorney Andrew Rodabaugh call +1 (410) 937-1659 Those who have been injured on the job and have to go through the workers compensation process for the first time often seem confused and for good reason.  Workers Compensation is often viewed just as another form of health […]

Weigh your options- To hire a Baltimore workers’ comp attorney or not?

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659 and speak with Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. On a regular occurrence I meet injured workers’ who are undecided as to whether they want to hire a Baltimore workers compensation attorney to handle their work […]

Payments for life under workers comp disability in Maryland?- The misconception!

Does the injured Maryland worker really receive disability payments for life from Workers Comp? For a free consult call +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email Many injured workers hear the phrase disability payments and begin to think that disability payments from workers comp will be for a lifetime.  For those in the workers compensation industry it is […]

Boss wants to use health insurance and pay lost wages- Maryland Work Comp

Workers’ Compensation Insurance can be expensive and Employers are aware of it.  On occasion the employer will try to avoid increased premiums by avoiding the claim being filed. For a no cost consultation call Mr. Rodabaugh today at +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email   Supervisor tells employee to use health insurance rather than workers comp. […]