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Hurt at work-How to get Money- Workers Compensation Maryland

If you have been hurt at work and are in need of money there are some options available to assist with financial needs.  It is a good idea to retain a Maryland Attorney to help review and present your options for obtaining money while out of work.   Lost Wages Money- Maryland Workers Comp Maryland workers […]

Weigh your options- To hire a Baltimore workers’ comp attorney or not?

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659 and speak with Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. On a regular occurrence I meet injured workers’ who are undecided as to whether they want to hire a Baltimore workers compensation attorney to handle their work […]

Baltimore Workers Comp Hearing- No attorney yet

Do not wait until the day of the hearing to try and find a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney. While, most likely you will not face devastating consequences the process will become unnecessarily complicated by waiting until the last minute to find an attorney. Tomorrow is my workers compensation hearing and I have no attorney, what […]

My Baltimore workers comp attorney is not returning my calls

Communication between an attorney and an injured worker is important in Maryland! At a certain point an injured worker should not hesitate to contact a new attorney if their current attorney is not returning his or her calls and communication is lacking.  Maryland workers compensation attorneys are obligated to keep their clients reasonably informed throughout […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Fees

How much does a Maryland workman’s compensation attorney charge? Many injured workers are reluctant to obtain legal help because they feel that the attorney will charge too much.  This is not the case with Maryland workers compensation attorneys because there is no up front fee.  Fees are on a contingency basis. For immediate assistance and […]

When will my Maryland Workers Compensation case settle?

Maryland Workers Compensation settlements can take some time to perfect To speak in person with a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney call    +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email The Short Answer: A Maryland Workers Compensation case can settle at any time during the below process if all parties are on the same page regarding the terms of […]

Obtaining a Rating- Maryland Workers Comp Law

Ratings are important to Maryland workers compensation cases.  It could be the difference between lifetime medical coverage and substantial compensation, or nothing! For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659   or   Email  Maryland workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. What is a rating? For a quick explanation see the definition of a […]

Reasons to have a workmans comp attorney in Maryland

It is important to have a Maryland Workman’s Comp Attorney for numerous reasons. For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659 and speak with Maryland workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. Prefer  Email ? To provide guidance and answer questions The workers compensation process is confusing and most injured employees are somewhat uneasy […]