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Workers Compensation Notices and forms Received- Maryland work comp

Learn what the Maryland workers comp notices and forms mean For a no cost consultation with Maryland workers compensation attorney Andrew Rodabaugh call  +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email   I received a notice in the mail that issues have been filed in my workmans comp case. You have received a “Notice of Issues Filed.”  This […]

Can I obtain a second opinion? Do I go to workers comp doctor? Maryland law

Maryland’s Workers Compensation laws do not forbid an injured worker from seeking and obtaining a second opinion or an opinion from a doctor of their choice! It is imperative to the injured workers’ case that they understand the distinction between a second opinion and an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).  Second opinions are performed by a […]

Obtaining a Rating- Maryland Workers Comp Law

Ratings are important to Maryland workers compensation cases.  It could be the difference between lifetime medical coverage and substantial compensation, or nothing! For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659   or   Email  Maryland workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. What is a rating? For a quick explanation see the definition of a […]