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MONTGOMERY COUNTY WORKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEY Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq.   Representing injured workers throughout MONTGOMERY County Maryland! Whether you were injured working on your construction job in rockville or hurt while rushing through your office in Chevy Chase Attorney Rodabaugh is available to help.  Workers Compensation claims are guided by state law however there are […]


WORKERS COMP RATING- Maryland Workers Compensation    Ratings are important to Maryland workers compensation cases.  Obtaining one  could be the difference between lifetime medical coverage and substantial compensation, or nothing! Workers comp ratings are often referred to as ratings, ppd rating, permanency rating, disability rating, disability evaluations, or even independent medical evaluations (IME).  Each of […]


Workers Comp Denied Medical Treatment, Claim, or Compensation Has the Maryland workers comp denied your treatment or are they refusing to provide authorization?  Did they deny an MRI or surgery?  Perhaps they denied the claim? Sometimes workers comp approves the claim, provides all necessary medical treatment authorizations but.. ..Then out of know where workers comp […]

Workers Comp Surveillance

Workers’ Comp Surveillance            Is it possible that Workers’ Comp is using surveillance to follow you?  The short answer is YES, workers comp surveillance is a fairly common practice. It is quite possible that workers comp is using a private investigator to follow you on various occasions in hopes to catch you […]


Workers Comp for Volunteer workers Workers Comp benefits are available for those who are injured while working.  These benefits include medical treatment, final compensation, vocational rehabilitation, and lost wages.  This begs the question is there workers comp for volunteers?  The natural thought is that if there are no wages being paid than how can a […]

Md Workers Comp Taxable

Are Maryland Workers Compensation payments taxable?   For now, payments to injured Maryland workers are not considered taxable income at either the Maryland state level or at the Federal income tax level. Lost wage payments, also known as temporary total disability (ttd) payments are not considered taxable income nor are vocational benefits or permanency payments.  Injured […]

Workers Comp and RSD/CRPS

Maryland Workers Comp and RSD & CRPS Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) seems to be one of the most complicated and troubling medical conditions out there.  Maryland workers comp, RSD & CRPS combined make the entire situation even more complex and stressful for the injured worker.  Attorney’s occasionally see […]

Prince Georges County Workers Compensation Attorney

Prince Georges County Workers Comp Attorney

PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY WORKERS COMP ATTORNEY   Prince Georges County Workers Comp Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh can help you get your benefits!  Workers Comp Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh regularly represents injured workers of Prince George’s County Maryland when they need benefits the insurance company is not providing.  In every workers compensation case the insurers, adjusters, and […]