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Sue work for Injury- Maryland Workers Compensation-Lawsuit

If injured on the job a court action can take place against the employer A Maryland employee can file a workers compensation claim if injured on the job.  While many consider this a lawsuit, in my humble opinion I would consider it a quasi-lawsuit or an administrative claim.  This is because unless the decision of […]

What employers can’t do- Maryland Workers Compensation

As a Baltimore, Maryland workers compensation attorney I often get asked what the injured workers employer can and cannot do to the employee. It would take quite sometime to advise as to all the actions a Maryland employer is prohibited from doing to the injured employee, however I have selected a few prohibitions I often […]

Light Duty or restricted duty- Maryland Workers Compensation

An Employer must provide true light duty work to injured Maryland workers Regularly, employers indicate to the employee that they have light duty work available for the employee.  When the employee returns to work he or she is pressured into performing tasks that are outside of the limitations the doctor ordered.  While some flexibility on […]

Return to work after IME- Maryland Workers Compensation

Workers Comp Doctors and the Independent Medical Evaluations Doctors Do I have to return to work because the insurance company doctor or Independent Medical Evaluation stated so? In a great majority of cases that I handle the injured worker is faced with the decision of following his treating doctors recommendation or that horrid IME doctors’ […]

Job Security when injured at work in Maryland

Can a Maryland workers compensation claim damage my employment relationship? For a Free consultation call +1 (410) 937-1659   OR       Email One of the most common question I am asked, and for good reason, is in regards to job security and the filing of a Workers’ Compensation claim.  For many, being able to provide for their […]