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Loggers, Lumberjacks, and tree climbers hurt on the job- Md Workers Comp

Loggers and Lumberjacks have one of the most hazardous jobs that result in the highest rate of injury Not only do loggers and lumberjack endure one of the riskiest occupations out there, but they sustain the highest rates of injury according to many sources.  The risks to which they are exposed, the shear physical requirements […]

Pain & Suffering- Maryland Workers Compensation

Pain and Suffering under Maryland Workers Compensation laws provided to injured workers? There are a number of benefits provided to those who are unfortunate enough to be injured on the job in Maryland.  Among them include compensation benefits, medical benefits, out of pocket expense reimbursements, and potentially job training. Discussion on pain and suffering in […]

Are Maryland Workers Compensation payments taxable?

For now, payments to injured Maryland workers are not considered taxable income at either the Maryland state level or at the federal income tax level. Lost wage payments, also known as temporary total disability (ttd) payments are not considered taxable income nor are vocational benefits or permanency payments.  Injured Maryland workers can also enjoy settlement […]

Appeal the workers comp adjuster? Md. Workers Comp

Maryland workers compensation adjusters may deny your case, medical treatment, lost wage payments and more.  You can appeal! It is helpful to understand what appealing the workers comp adjuster entails and understanding exactly what is meant by an appeal. Appealing the workers comp adjuster to the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission Often I am asked that […]

My Friend’s workers comp settlement compared to mine- Md. Comp

Every Maryland workers comp case is different and will lead to a different settlement amount If there is one thing each injured worker needs to consider it is that each and every workers compensation case is different in almost every aspect of the case.  This is why settlement or permanency amounts differ, sometimes greatly.  This […]

Case closed? Likely not. Maryland workers compensation

Your case may not be closed even if that is what the workers comp adjuster stated For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659     OR         Email Mr. Rodabaugh for a free Maryland workers compensation consultation.   To understand why the adjuster is stating the case is closed it is important to grasp a few concepts about […]

Medical treatment is prolonged and dragged out- Work Injury Maryland

Injured Workers may be familiar with the delays in obtaining medical treatment under Maryland workers compensation insurance. For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659    OR         Email Maryland workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation. In some cases there are extensive and repetitive delays in obtaining medical treatment through workers compensation insurance.  The delays […]

Independent Medical Evaluation, IME- Maryland Workers Comp

What the injured Maryland worker needs to know about the Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) that Workers Comp has scheduled. For a Free consultation call +1 (410) 937-1659 and speak with Maryland workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh. At some point the workers compensation insurance company will schedule you for an appointment with a physician of their […]

Maryland Workmans’ Comp- Who are the parties involved?

I was injured on the job and am going through workers comp but… who or what is workers comp? Call a Baltimore workers comp attorney now at +1 (410) 937-1659   OR         Email To better understand Maryland workers compensation it is important to understand the people involved and what role they play in the work injury […]

Social Media and Workers Compensation- Work Injury Maryland

The injured employee must be aware of the risks when using social media and cell phones! Call a Maryland worker compensation attorney now at +1 (410) 937-1659     OR   Email See also workers comp surveillance Facebook When hearing the term social media many people immediately turn their thoughts towards Facebook.  It dominates as a social media […]