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Are you filing a Maryland workers comp claim? How to file a workers comp claim? What are the Consequences of filing a workers comp claim? When an injured worker is filing a workers comp claim they should educate themselves as to how to properly file the claim and the consequences of filing the claim wrong.  […]

WORKERS COMP FORMS- Maryland Workman’s Comp

Workers Comp Forms There are numerous workers comp forms that may be used in any given Maryland claim.  From the beginning of the claim which requires a claim form to be filed to the end of the case that may require numerous settlement forms and documents, injured workers should expect to fill out workers comp […]

Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney

HARFORD COUNTY WORKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEY Maryland Law   Harford County workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh practices throughout the state of Maryland.  Workers Compensation cases involve the injured worker, the employer, the workers compensation insurance company, and the Jurisdiction of the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  Because workers compensation is statutorily codified it is a legal […]

Workers Comp Second Opinion & Independent Medical Evaluation

Workers comp second opinion VS Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) Second opinions or an opinion from a doctor of the injured workers choice is not forbidden under Maryland workers comp law.  Often times the injured worker is no satisfied with the physician they first started treating with and desire to seek a workers comp second opinion.  […]

The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission This site is an Attorney site and may be considered advertisement material.  This is not a governement website, nor affiliated with any government entity.  This is for informational purposes only. The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission (MWCC) or The Commission is the state agency provided authority by the executive branch of […]

Workers Compensation Arthritis & Degeneration

Workers Compensation Arthritis and Degeneration Injuries result in arthritis and degeneration.  Arthritis and degeneration develops over time and doctors often indicate that it can set in at an early age.  What this means for the injured worker is that the defense in any workers compensation case can often use arthritis and degeneration as an explanation […]