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Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company

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Who or what is Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company? 

Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company (CEIWC) is one of the largest workers compensation insurance providers for employers located in and doing business in the state of Maryland.  They provide Workers compensation insurance coverage to employers.  In the event an employee is injured on the job Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company may be the provider that is responsible for paying medical bills, lost wages, and all the other benefits to which injured employers are entitled under Maryland workers compensation laws.  This means that rather than the employer being responsible to pay the benefits CEIWC will step in their shoes and make the payments which they are deemed responsible to pay.

 Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company for the employee?

While Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company is responsible to provide certain legal entitlements to the injured workers, these entitlements are sometimes up against the rights of workers compensation insurers which do lead to denials of benefits.  While the law states that injured workers are entitled to medical treatment to be paid for by the workers compensation insurer, insurers such as Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company have the right to schedule the injured worker for an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) for a second opinion.  CEIWC may be able to legally deny medical treatment if the IME comes back in their favor.  This is one scenario where an injured worker would and should consider obtaining an attorney.

Along with CEIWC’s right to a second opinion regarding medical treatment, they also have certain legal rights that are conflict with the injured worker when it comes to compensation or money payments to the injured worker.  Injured workers are entitled to lost wages or temporary total disability payments while missing time from work for a work accident.  However; the right to lost wages is compromised by the right of the insurers to require an out of work note from a doctor.  Insurers such as Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company have the right to have an IME doctor comment on the work restrictions.  Even if a treating physician holds an injured worker out of work or on light duty, CEIWC are within their right to deny temporary total disability/lost wage payments if the opinion of the IME doctor indicates the employee is able to work.

Do you need an attorney if CEIWC is handling your workers compensation case?

Most injured workers are best taken care of if they have an attorney representing them.  Coming from an attorney this statement likely seems self serving however an injured worker that is already involved in the workers compensation process is often already at a disadvantage and vulnerable to manipulation that may ultimately lead to their disadvantage and loss of rights.  If involved in a workers compensation case, and Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company is representing the Employer then the injured worker should seriously consider hiring an attorney to ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve, but more importantly to ensure that they are not set up for failure or a loss of the claim.  Employers sometimes  get upset and become hostile towards employees if they hire a lawyer.  This occurs just as often, if not more often as Employers getting upset and hostile with employees because they were hurt at work- something completely out of control of the injured worker.

I have made an attempt to way the pros and cons of hiring a workers compensation attorney when involved in a workers comp claim.  The number one concern voiced from injured workers is whether hiring an attorney will affect their job.  There is no guarantee that hiring an attorney will not affect their job however it is often the fact that an injury took place that affects their employment. 

About Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company

Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company
8722 Loch Raven Boulevard
Towson, Maryland 21286

CEIWC is made up of the workers comp adjusters, the workers comp attorneys, nurse case managers, pre-cert nursing and medical staff, administration staffing, and others.  With other Maryland insurance companies any number of these rolls can be contracted out to different companies.  For instance, it is not unusual for one particular insurance company to have a third party administrator who provides the adjusters, a separate law firm or company providing attorneys, a vocational company provide nurse case management and vocational rehabilitation services.

Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company was formally know as Injured Workers Insurance Fund (IWIF). Prior to 2014 IWIF was considered the last resort for employers to obtain workers compensation insurance.  It was a state agency operated similar to Maryland Auto Insurance Fund.  The company is now operated privately.

Chesapeake Employer’s Insurance Company Pre-Certification Department (CEIWC Pre-Cert)

The pre-certification department should be used by medical providers when they are seeking pre-authorization of medical treatment.  When the adjuster is difficult to get a hold of or is not responding to authorization a Maryland workers compensation attorney can help.  It is also a good idea to send requests to precert.

PreCert department contact:   410-494-2079 OR


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Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company and the injured worker
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Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company and the injured worker
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company is one of the largest workers compensation insurers in the state of Maryland. It is often unclear to the injured worker what role CEIWC plays in their case and this necessitates the involvement for a workers compensation attorney.
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