Commonly involved people- Maryland workers compensation

People commonly involved in the Maryland workers compensation process

There are a number of parties involved in any workers compensation case however there are some parties that injured workers should be aware of so that they can familiarize themselves with the process while navigating the workers compensation system.  These include insurance companies, attorneys, adjusters, administrative agencies, and workers compensation doctors.

Maryland Workers Compensation Insurers or TPA’s

The Maryland workers compensation insurance companies listed below operate with distinctions varying in degree.  Some of the below Insurers have less than adequate communication practices, while others have tendencies to deny treatment or benefits sooner rather than later.  For some, simply obtaining authorization for a consult can prove difficult, while others seem to make the process as easy as possible.

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-Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company (CEIWC)

formerly Injured Workers Insurance Fund (IWIF)

-Travelers Insurance


-Gallagher Basset


-Erie Insurance

-Key Risk

-The Hartford



Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

This is the Maryland state agency that acts as the administrator of justice for workers compensation claims.  They are not a party to the claim and are not affiliated with any of the above insurance companies.  For further reading go to Maryland Workers Compensation Commission .

Maryland Workers Compensation Commissioners

Maryland Workers Compensation Commissioners are the administrative judges of workers compensation cases.  Should the work injury case need to go to a hearing for approval of medical treatment, compensation, reimbursements or some other reason, the Commissioner will make the ultimate determination.  Hearings are held in various locations around the state and the Commissioners travel to the individual locations.  No Commissioner is stationary and to an extent the Commissioner that will hear any given case is a luck of the draw scenario.

Carl Aumann- Chairman

Delia Taurano Schadt

Maureen Quinn

Patricia G. Adams

Kathleen A. Evans

Lauren Sfekis Godwin

Jeffrey C. Herwig

Cynthia S. Miraglia

Tracey Warren

Jeffrey T. Weinberg

Maryland Workers Compensation Independent Medical Evaluation Doctors

The physicians listed below are some of the more common chosen by insurance companies to perform Independent Medical Evaluations in Maryland.  The injured worker should be prepared for the IME and know what to expect, what to say, how to act, and what clues they may get from the doctor performing the IME.  Each doctor will have their own method of conducting the IME.  Some of their opinions are more predictable than others.  Some will be more engaging to the injured worker while others may seem uninterested in what the injured worker has to say.  Not only will the length and thoroughness vary with each IME physician, but their bedside manner will vary as well.  To get a better idea of the particular IME doctor you will be seeing contact Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh today  Call Us!


(non-exhaustive list)

Dr. Paul Asdourian

Dr. Paul Apostolo

Dr. Jason Brokaw

Dr. Edward Cohen

Dr. Ronald Cohen

Dr. Christopher Forthman

Dr. Steven Freidman

Dr. Stanley Freidler

Dr. Stuart Gordon

Dr. Peter C. Innis

Dr. Robert Reiderman

Dr. Mark Rosenthal

Dr. David Maine

Dr. Steven Matz

Dr. Samuel Matz

Dr. Michael Sellman

Dr. Ian Weiner

Neal Zimmerman

Dr. Bernard Zunkeler

Maryland Workers Compensation Defense Firms

Workers Compensation defense firms are retained by Workers Comp insurers or self insured employers to represent them at any given stage of the case.  Some insurers only retain defense attorneys if a hearing is pending while other insurers have defense firms from the beginning of each claim to answer questions or for consultation.  Similar to insurance companies, some defense firms or attorneys are more reasonable and fair than others.

Law Firm of Joseph Jagielski

Zauner & Mtimet

Godwin, Erlandson, Vernan, Daney

Franklin & Prokopik

Semmes, Bowen, Semmes

Law Office of Pamela Randi Johnson

Thomas, Thomas & Hafer

Morgan, Carlo, & Downs

Humphreys, McLoughlin, & McAleer

Maryland Workers Compensation Claimant’s

Injured workers who file a claim with the workers compensation commission are referred to as Claimant’s.

Maryland Workers Compensation Claimant’s Attorneys

An injured worker, the Claimant, may choose to hire a Maryland workers compensation Claimant’s Attorney.  These attorneys represent injured workers on a contingency basis meaning there is no money paid upfront.  The fee a Maryland workers compensation Attorney receives can only come out of money that the attorney recovers for the injured worker.  An attorney will assist with getting benefits reinstated, as well as help with compensation recovery.  Want further reading on what Claimant’s Attorneys do?

It is important for the injured worker to have an attorney that is familiar with the various doctors, defense attorneys, and insurers who are often involved in Maryland workers compensation cases.  An experienced Claimant’s attorney could have some useful insight as to how defense attorneys practice, how insurers calculate settlements, and how some IME doctors perform their evaluations.  Someone with this insight can develop strategy on a case by case basis that will suit the needs of the particular injured worker.

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Commonly Involved People- Maryland Workers Compensation
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