Free Consultation with a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

A consultation with a Maryland workers compensation attorney may vary greatly depending on the attorney. 

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How long will the workers comp free consult last?

In my experience the ordinary consultation lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  This provides enough time for the attorney to give an outline of the workers compensation process as well as answer any questions the injured Maryland worker may have at that time.  The time of the consultation can vary depending on the availability of the attorney but also the amount of questions the injured employee may have.  While consultations can take place over the phone, it is best to do a phone consult and then schedule an in person appointment to go into further details about the case.  After the phone consult the injured worker is likely to have more questions.  It is good practice for the injured worker to write down questions that arise after the phone appointment and then schedule to meet the attorney for further discussion.

During the consultation will I be pressured by the Workers Comp attorney to hire him or her?

Unfortunately there are some attorneys that feel the need to pressure injured workers into hiring them.  These attorneys are largely the exception and the not the ordinary.  A no pressure consultation will help build a healthy relationship among the person and the attorney, and will also encourage trust.  The injured Maryland worker is already under enough pressure and stress and ordinarily does not respond well to pressure from someone that is suppose to be there to help.

If the consultation lasts a long time will I receive a bill from the Md. workers comp attorney?

NO.  Under Maryland law a workers compensation attorney that is consulting an injured worker can not charge for the consult.  While defense attorneys are not controlled by this rule, an attorney being consulted by an injured worker may not charge for a consult.  Under Maryland law an attorney representing an injured worker is paid on a contingency basis which means they get paid when they recover money for the injured worker.  These regulations can be found in Comar at

What will be discussed during my consultation with a Workers Comp attorney?

Consults vary greatly depending on the injured worker and the attorney.  Some of those injured at work in Maryland will have only a couple of questions that they need answered, while others may just want some guidance as to what is going on in their case or explanation as to their rights.

The style of consult will vary from one attorney to the next.  It is often a good idea for the injured worker to come with a list a questions to ask the attorney and perhaps do a bit of research prior to the appointment so that the conversation can be more meaningful.

Some of the most common questions asked during a consult include:

What is the Maryland Workers Compensation Process?
How much does the attorney get paid?
What is the value of my case?
Can I be fired for filing a claim?
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