CORVEL- Maryland Workers Compensation

Who or what is Corvel?  This question is often asked by those hurt at work in Maryland. 

Corvel is a major workers compensation insurance “provider” for employers located in and doing business in the state of Maryland.  Corvel is a third party administrator (TPA) for workers compensation and other liability policies.  They provide insurance management to employers in the event an employee is injured.  This means that rather than the employer or their actual insurance policy handling the administration of the policy benefits Corvel steps in as the TPA. 

On staff, Corvel has a team of workers compensation adjusters that will review claims and administer benefits.  The adjusters will make the decision and/or recommendation of accepting or denying any particular work accident claim in Maryland.  The adjusters are often the very first person to evaluate a claim for compensability.  

Corvel also has a staff of nurse case managers that are often assigned to particular Maryland workers comp cases.  Their roll is to facilitate medical treatment for the injured worker while, in our opinion, save the insurance company and employer expenses with an ongoing workers comp case.  Nurse case managers can be beneficial to the injured worker, however the injured worker should view nurse case mangers (NCM) with a skeptical eye. 

As a national company it is likely that Corvel has a variety of clients, however in Maryland, Corvel acts as a TPA in workers compensation cases mostly for municipalities.


Corvel’s Maryland offices are located at:

PO Box 44015
White Marsh, Maryland 21236
Phone: 410-933-8060
Fax:     866-738-0668


DC, MD 20774
Phone: 301-583-5400
Fax:     866-765-7029

My Experience

As a former Baltimore County Assistant Attorney I worked with the staff of Corvel on a regular basis and was able to gain useful insight as to how they operate and the motivation behind their decisions.  At any given time I was handling dozens of cases that were administered by Corvel corporation.  This experience is invaluable I continue to use it on a regular basis while representing injured Maryland workers that have to deal with Corvel.

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