Disability Payments- Work Injury Maryland

Disability Payments may be in the form of  Maryland Workers Compensation Disability Payments, short term/long term disability payments, social security disability income, or others.

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Dealing with a disability can be one of the most challenging and life altering experiences a person may face in their lifetime.  It most cases not only does the disability affect the particular person, but the family of the disabled will be affected.  Financial strains are one of the most common sited complaints among those encumbered with a disability.  Fortunately there are options for financial support that are often overlooked.

On occasion I receive calls from those disabled that are looking for financial help.  In particular they are looking for “disability payments.”  It is not always clear which disability payments they are seeking.  Depending on how the injury/condition arose, the injuries, future work experience, and financial needs the disability they seek may vary.

Workers Compensation Disability Payments including temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability.

How to apply for Workers Compensation Disability in Maryland

In order to qualify for disability benefits under workers comp the disabled must have sustained an injury that qualifies as compensable under Maryland’s workers compensation laws.  To determine this a free consultation should be obtained from an Attorney.  To speak with one now click here.  If the injury happened at work and while performing job duties there is a very good chance that payments can be obtained through the Workers Compensation insurer.

The applicationn process is not necessarily a application so much as filling out the claim form and accompanying documents correctly, then submitting to the insurance company as well as the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  The workers compensation claim process should be handled like  a serious legal process as money benefits as well as medical benefits could be damaged.  This should be done with the assistance of an attorney to alleviate the chances of receiving a denial by the insurance company.

How long are Workers Compensation Disability Payments made?

The duration of workers comp payments in Maryland can vary depending on the particular circumstances.  Of note there are a number of forms of disability payments under Maryland workers compensation laws.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

This is paid when the injured worker is under the care of a doctor who finds the injured worker unable to work in any capacity (total) but only on a temporary basis.  Ordinarily the worker will return to the work force once they undergo the treatment needed and therefore this form of disability payment will be limited to the duration the doctor holds the person unable to work.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)

Paid when the injured Maryland worker is able to work but their wages are reduced because they are not able to work the normal hours they once could.  If the employee is ordinarily a 40 hour a week worker, but because of injury they are only able to work 20 hours a week, then they are entitled to TP disability payments.  Like TTD payments, these are ordinarily for a limited duration while the injured worker undergoes medical treatment.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

Despite its name, Permanent Partial Disability payments are paid on a limited and temporary basis.  The disability is looked at as “permanent” but of a partial capacity, meaning the disability is present but does not completely reduce the persons working capacity to tatal.  For further reading on PPD follow this link.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

If a claimant is awarded permanent total disability by the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission then they will be entitled to lifetime disability payments from the workers comp insurer.  PTD is paid to those people who are essentially unable to work in any capacity.  If the injured worker returns to the work force then these payments will stop or be reduced.

How much is paid for Workers Compensation Disability

Like the duration of disability payments through workers comp, the amount paid also varies depending on the disability that is awarded. 


2/3 of the employees average weekly wage (aww).  The weekly amount paid will not be greater than the state average weekly wage which is $1,052 in 2017.


1/2 of the amount of the difference between the average weekly wage and wages earning while working post accident.  TPD= average weekly wage- post accident reduced wage


This amount can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.
Read this article.


the same as the amount under TTD but the duration is different.  2/3 of the employees average weekly wage.  The weekly amount paid will not be greater than the state average weekly wage which is $1,052 in 2017.

Short Term or Long Term Disability Payments

Short term or long term disability payments may be available through the state of residence or the federal government.  For our purposes we will only covered employer sponsored programs.

How to apply

Short Term and Long Term disability payments can arise from a policy that an employer and/or the employee has through a third party.  Companies such as Aflac, Metlife, Coventry, and Aetna offer group rate policies to employers and individuals.  In order to obtain Term disability payments the disabled should meet with their Human Resources department or office manager for assistance.  If there is a policy present HR or management can provide the contact information.  

How long do short term and long term disability plans pay

These policies are of a contractual nature meaning the parties (insurer and disabled) have already entered into an agreement as to the duration of the payments.  The time can vary from one policy to the next however short term policies sometime pay for periods up to 2 years.  Long term policies may pay for periods greater than two years and up to the time other disability is issued such as Social Security Disability 

How much is paid under a Short term or longer term disability policy

Like the duration, the amount also varies depending on the policy.  If the policy is paid by the employer 100% then they will have the information regarding the amount to be paid.  Again, the point of contact should be HR or management.  If the employee was paying into the disability policy at the time of election, the employee would have chosen how much they would be paid.  This is again a contractual condition set out in the disability policy.

Social Security Disability Payments

Applying for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability can be applied for here It is a good idea to seek a consultation with a social security attorney before applying.  Applications can be extensive and require medical documentation and employment information.  Medical documentation should state that the applicant is not able to work for atleast one year.  For a referral to a qualified social security attorney contact Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh at: 

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