Experienced workers compensation attorney in Baltimore

Experienced workers compensation attorney Baltimore

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An Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney in Baltimore can help you win your case!

  • We have represented injured workers in almost every industry
  • We have handled cases involving injury to almost every body part
  • We have seen thousands of different injury scenarios
  • We have handled cases with minor injuries and major injuries.
  • An experienced workers compensation attorney has dealt with most of the people commonly involved in claims.

Work place injuries often vary in severity but usually require an attorney

It does not matter whether an injury is minor or quite significant, the injured employee still deserves the representation of an experienced workers compensation attorney in Baltimore or throughout Maryland.  In some instances an attorney is not needed and this will be likely be evident once the injury is discussed with a knowledgeable lawyer.


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Why does it matter if you have an experienced workers compensation attorney?

Many injured workers want a compensation attorney that has handled cases similar to their particular case.  It is easier for an attorney to argue the facts of the case when they are familiar with relevant facts and ignore those that are not so relevant.  For instances: assume a worker fell from a truck and broke his ankle.  A compensation attorney may ask questions about how he fell, did he slip on oil, did he trip on some debris, or did he trip on his shoelaces.  These specific questions will almost always be unnecessary for the attorney to ask and an experienced workers compensation attorney will know this.  As long as the injured worker did not fall because of some idiopathic condition, drugs, alcohol, or confrontation he will likely be covered under workers comp laws.  An experienced attorney can expedite the process by ignoring irrelevant facts and getting to the point. 


An experienced workers compensation attorney has represented clients from all walks of life and from many different industries.

Workers Compensation benefits are available for employees.  If you are an employee as defined under the Maryland workers comp statute then you will likely be covered by workers comp unless there is some other valid defense to the claim.  An experienced workers compensation attorney should be able to determine if a claim is valid and compensable within a few minutes of speaking with the injured worker.  Below are the industries we have represented clients in and some of the injury scenarios.  As you will see the list includes doctors, professors, office personnel, and construction workers.

    Truck driver slipped off his dump truck when attempting brush/ clear stones and fractured his ankle in two places.

    Janitor fell down a flight of steps and herniated a disk in her neck and tore ligaments in her shoulder.

    Police officer injured shoulder, neck, back when involved in an automobile collision

    Airport baggage attendant picked up an 80lb bag and tore shoulder ligaments

    Airport attendant injured low back when pouring ice into the bar kits

    Apartment maintenance man herniated cervical disc when moving an outside condenser

    County teacher assaulted and injured arm and leg

    Herniated cervical disc when working on elevator equipment

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assaulted by psyche patient and injured back and neck

    Clothing retailer injured leg when rack fell on her

    Professor injured when she fell down a flight of steps and hurt her shoulder

    Photographer tripped over some wires and injured his low back and neck

    Fast food worker injured her low back in a fall

    Convenience store worker injured his knee when he tripped on some boxes

    Cosmetologist suffered from bilateral carpal tunnel from repetitive use of hands

    College maintenance man injured shoulder while shoveling snow

    Meat butcher suffered from bilateral carpal tunnel from repetitive use of hands while cutting meat

    Grocery store worker broke ankle when he slipped off of the loading dock

    School teacher assaulted by student and sustained head injuries

    Cafeteria worker injured low back when picking up food trays

    Prison guard assaulted and injured head and neck

    Nurse injured low back when moving a patient in their bed

    Doctor injured arm and neck when he fell down steps

    Truck driver injured neck and back when involved in an automobile collision

    Construction worker injured when skid loader collided with curb and jostled his neck

    Carpenter injured his hand when he accidentally shot himself with a nail gun

    School maintenance man injured leg when burnt it on a steam pipe

    Nurse practitioner injured knee when she slipped on some paper


An experienced workers compensation attorney in Baltimore should know about injuries the worker has sustained

It is important to have an attorney that has some understanding of a particular injury that the employee sustained.  While most attorneys are not also doctors, it helps if the attorney understands basic medical terminology, conditions, diagnostics, and the like.  An experienced workers compensation attorney will have a solid understanding of injury diagnosis and the nature of the severity of various injuries.  Not only does it help the attorney to argue based on the medical evidence provided, but it may give the injured worker the upper hand at the time of settlement or trial.  As an example, an attorney with little experience may not fully comprehend what a spinal herniation is and the potential outcome of surgery or life debilitating pain.  This could lead to an inadequate settlement or inappropriate settlement.  An experienced workers compensation attorney in Baltimore would know a spinal herniation could lead to surgery or the need for lifetime medical care.  Some but not all of the injuries in cases we have handled  are listed below: 

The hand and fingers:

  • lacerated fingers, amputated fingers, amputated hands, trigger finger, fractured fingers, fractured hands, crushed hands and fingers, carpal tunnell, De Quervain’s syndrome, and hand and finger sprains/strains.

The arm and shoulder:

  • Cubital Tunnel, epicondylitis (tennis elbow and golfer elbow), bicep rupture,
  • Rotator cuff tears, humerus fractures, ulnar nerve entrapment, scapula fractures.

The neck and back:

  • fractured vertebrae, burst fractures, cervical herniation, nerve impingement, loss of disc height, annular tears, sprains, strains, muscle pulls, and spasms.

The head:

  • lobe injuries, occipital neuralgia, psychiatric injuries, traumatic brain injuries

The knee and ankle:

  • acl tears, mcl tears, meniscus tears, quadracep tears, gastrocnemius tears,  fractured tibia, fractured fibula, femur fractures, patella fractures, longus muscle tears.
  • Tibia fractures, fibula fractures, talus fractures, talofibular ligament tears, achiles tears,


An experienced workers compensation attorney has dealt with other medical conditions that are not necessarily physical injuries:

  • Psychological injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress disorder, acute anxiety, depression related to a physical injury.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Type I, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Type II, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Lung Cancer,  Coronary Artery Disease,


Experienced workers compensation attorney s will have knowledge regarding the various entities involved in any given claim

Common parties involved in workers compensation cases include:

The Commissioners, workers comp insurance adjusters, insurance companies, defense attorneys, defense law firms, nurse case managers, Doctors.  Familiarity with how certain employers handle cases is often a quality experienced workers compensation attorneys will have.

See More on the People Commonly involved in the workers compensation system.


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