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This is the place where the injured Maryland worker can come to ask questions and receive answers.  This is the place where the injured Maryland employee can come to discuss their workers compensation case with others in a similar situation, or perhaps someone who has been through the workers compensation process first hand.


Do not discuss your identity or the identity of your employer. These disclosures can be forever damaging to your workers compensation case.  If you are currently represented then it is recommend that you discuss use of this forum with your attorney.  If you are in need of legal advice then you should contact a qualified and experienced attorney.  Content, questions, answers, discussions on this site do not in any way constitute legal advice. Each and every workers compensation case is different and should be discussed in person with an attorney.

Maryland Workers Compensation Index

Settlement, Permanency, Maryland Compensation payments
1. Types of Settlement and Permanency in Maryland
2. Why their settlement was for a different amount
3. Value of my back injury case
4. Maryland public safety employees are paid at a higher rate of compensation
5. Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits- Why is the job search necessary?”
6. Lost wage checks
7. Mileage
8. The settlement Process
9.  Types of Workers Comp Money
10. What to consider when settling my Maryland workers comp case
11. What is Vocational Rehabilitation
12. Disability Payments
13. Payments taxable

Common Injuries/ Injuries in certain Maryland occupations
1. CNA’s get hurt on the job
2. Material Handlers Injuries
3. Low back injuries
4. Maryland Firefighters and PTSD
5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Covered under Maryland workers comp
6. Maryland Work Injuries- The Statistics
7. Firefighters and Police fight during a charity football game
8. Maryland Workers Compensation Data
9. 8 Firefighter hurt by falling wall will get some extra benefits from Workers Compensation
10. Harford County Sheriffs Killed. Family benefits are available
11. Officer injured in Reisterstown Rd accident- Responding to Officer needs assistance!
12. Truck Driver Injuries
13. Construction worker Injuries
14. Assault, Battery, Harassment
15. Knee Injuries, treatment, settlement value
16. Shoulder injuries, treatment, settlement value
17. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS & Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD cases
18. Multiple Injury work place accidents
19. Neck injuries under Maryland workers compensation
20. Work Injuries while on lunch, dinner, or breakfast break
21. Repetitive Motion Injuries- Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
22. Are Car Accidents covered by workers comp
23.  Head Injury Cases
24. Office workers and personnel
25. Volunteer workers are covered under Md Comp. Law

 Employer & Employee Relationship under Maryland Workers Compensation
1. Workers Compensation claim and the effects on job security
2. Can I sue my Boss for a work accident
3. My boss wants me to use health insurance and not workers comp
4. Can I be fired for filing a workers compensation claim.
5. Actions employers cant take
6. Will changing jobs affect my Maryland workers compensation case?
7. My Employer is using sick time and vacation time while out of work for a work injury
8. Do I have to return to work?
9. Doctor has me on light duty, and work is not providing light duty
10. What happens if my employer does not have workers comp- UEF
11. Can I be fired while out on workers comp?
12. My employer fired me after getting hurt at work
13. Should I file a claim

Important to know while involved in Maryland Workers Compensation
1. What is Maryland Workers Compensation
2. What you need to know- Workers Compensation Help
3. High rates of injury in Baltimore City Schools
4. The Process is Confusing for workers- 1 of 3
5. The Process is Confusing for workers- 2 of 3
6. The Process is Confusing for workers- 3 of 3
7. 10 things the injured Maryland worker must know
8. Common Misconceptions and Confusion in Workers Comp
9.  What to avoid doing in your workers comp case
10. Maryland Medicinal Marijuana Law


Maryland Workers Compensation Procedures
1. Who are the parties in a workers compensation case?
2. Workers Compensation Commission Hearings
3. Reporting a Maryland work comp injury and deadlines applicable
4. When can I expect temporary total benefits to begin
5. Notices and Forms Received from Workers Compensation Commission
6. Workers compensation claim form.
7. Obtaining Medical Records May Get Easier
8. How does Maryland workers compensation payments impact other disability payments and how are Maryland workers compensation payments affected by other disability payments?
9. Why was my workers comp claim denied
10. Postponements
11. What is reopening for worsening?
12. Workers Comp Appeals
13. Starting a Workers Comp Claim
14. If you didnt’ report your work accident you may still have a workers comp claim

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Attorney’s
1. To hire an attorney or not to hire an attorney
2. I am not getting return calls from my attorney
3. Does the injured worker really need an attorney
4. How much does a workers compensation attorney charge?
5. The local attorney may not be the best option for Maryland Workers Comp cases
6. Reasons to have a Maryland workers compensation attorney
7. A workers compensation attorney should understand
8. When to hire a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney
9. What does a Maryland Work Injury Attorney do?
10. The best Maryland workers compensation attorney?
11. Free consultation with a Maryland Workers Compensation attorney
12. Terminating the attorney to client relationship
13. Baltimore County Workers Compensation Attorney

IME’s, Doctor’s Apptointments, Ratings
1. Workers Compensation has denied my medical treatment
2. Workers Compensation Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)- Need to know
3. Can I use my health Insurance for work injuries
4. Do I really get lifetime medical coverage under my Maryland work comp case?
5. Getting a physician or treatment facility paid by Maryland Workers Comp Insurance can be difficult.
6. Obtaining a rating for a Maryland work injury
7. Nurse Case Managers and their role in a Comp Case
8.Treatment Delayed in Workers Compensation Case
9. Maryland Function Capacity Evaluation
10. Why are there delays in getting authorization for medical treatment
11. Workers comp won’t pay & Health insurance won’t pay
12. Medication Prescriptions
13.  Doctors Referrals
14. How can Doctors get their bills paid?

Workers Comp Defense/Workers Comp adjusters
1. Work Comp Defense and Medical Records requests
2. Workers Compensation surveillance
3. The workers compensation adjuster stated that your case was closed
4. Should I be concerned about social media while on workmans compensation
5. Arthritis and degeneration did not cause my injury!
6. The Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF)
7. What and How workers comp will fight
8. Common Defenses to your claim and why the case has been denied
9. Chesapeake Employers Insurance Fund (CEIWC)

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