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Employees of grocery stores who are injured on the job in Maryland are covered under Maryland workers compensation!

When workers compensation is mentioned most people automatically begin thinking of hard labor jobs such as construction, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical.  It should be known that almost every occupation in the state of Maryland are covered under workers compensation and that includes employees of grocery stores!

What grocery store employees are covered under Maryland workers comp?

It is likely that every employee in the grocery store is covered under Maryland workers Compensation laws.  This would include Bakers, Butchers, Cashiers, Managers, Cart boys, Customer service, stock clerks, and others.

Employees that may not be covered are those that are considered a contracted employee.  It is IMPORTANT to note that even if an employee is called a contracted employee by the grocery store they may not be considered a contracted employee by the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.

What are some common injuries sustained by Baltimore grocery store workers?

As with any occupation that requires an employee to walk around there is always the risk of a trip, slip, or fall.  It is not unheard of to find spilled food or beverages on the floor of a grocery store.  This can be a hazard not only for employees but also patrons.

It is commonly understood that meat cutters are particularly susceptible to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.  The repetitive cutting in the cold environment creates an inherent risk of developing the syndrome.  More on Carpal Tunnel

Stocking clerks are sometimes expected to lift heavy objects repeatedly which can occasionally result in sprains and strains of the back, neck, shoulders, and arms.

For further examples of injuries continue reading and see the cases we have handled.

Cases we have handled that involved injured grocery store workers throughout the state of Maryland

Manager of Grocery Store injured

Injured workers was the manager of a large grocery store chain located in Montgomery County.  He was doing his rounds around the store when he tripped over a pallet with cases of water causing him to twist his low back.  The workers comp insurer challenged the case however Mr. Rodabaugh was able to convince them to accept the case as compensable.  The injured Maryland worker underwent a course of physical therapy and then returned to his position.

Stocking Clerk injured

Stock clerk was working night hours stocking shelves fool of product.  As she was maneuvering a pallet jack she hit a shelf causing another pallet to tip over on her hip which caused her to fall.  The stock clerk sustained injuries to her knee and low back.  The first hearing was conducted which resulted in authorization of medical treatment- physical therapy and cortisone injections.  A second hearing was later conducted and over $10,000 was awarded.

Loading dock attendant injured

A loading dock attendant was working in a well known grocery store in Frederick Maryland.  He tripped and fell over 4 feet off of a loading dock injuring his ankle and shoulder.  After multiple ankle surgeries, physical therapy and pain management he was discharged from care.  Because of expected lifelong pain Attorney Rodabaugh later settled the case for over $300,000.

Meat Cutter/ Butcher Injured

A meat cutter injured his neck when lifting a leg of meat at a well know grocery store in Baltimore.  He underwent surgery and pain management and eventually returned back to work full duty.  An award of over $70,000 was obtained at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission! 

Bakery Workers Injured

An employee of 12 years was working in the Bakery department of a grocery store when he had to kneel down to pick up a utensil.  He felt a pop in his knee and was later diagnosed with ligament damage.  Lost wages, surgery, and medication were all awarded by the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.

Bakers assistant was attempting to move a commercial sized bakery bowl when he tripped and injured his arm and low back.  Mr. Rodabaugh was successful arguing the case at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission and later recovered over $6000 for the injured worker.

Bakery worker injured his shoulder while attempting to lift a five gallon bucket of icing.  Two hearing took place in this case, both of which Mr. Rodabaugh was successful in obtaining Maryland workers comp benefits for the injured worker.  First surgery was argued for and was awarded.  Second, compensation was argued for and over 25,000 was awarded to the injured worker.

Cashiers Injured

Cashiers in any retail facility are vulnerable to develop carpal tunnel syndrome because of the repetitive use of their hands and wrists.  Grocery store cashiers are especially vulnerable because the volume of products that are often purchased.  A random clothing cashier may be required to ring up only a few items for every shopper while a grocery store cashier could be expected to ring up a thousand items a day.  It is the repetitive nature that often leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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