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Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has helped hundreds of Baltimore residence obtain benefits.

Workers compensation cases can be very complicated in nature and often leave the injured worker with a number of questions during the process.  It is for this reason that an attorney can be most helpful to the injured worker, not only answering questions along the way, but also counseling on what to expect in any given claim.  An injured worker may need help regarding money owed to them, medical treatment, employment concerns, general questions, filing a claim, or the adjuster and insurance company.

Mr. Rodabaugh has office locations throughout the state of Maryland including Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh can Help with concerns regarding money in a workers compensation case

A very common concern is whether the injured worker is receiving the correct amount of lost wages while being held out of work by their doctor.  The lost wage calculations are determined by the injured employees average weekly wageIf the average weekly wage is calculated inaccurately then the employee will lose out on money to which they are entitled.  Evaluating the value of a case for settlement purposes can be a daunting task which should consider all potential benefits such as future medical treatment and vocational rehabilition.  Settlement evaluations are often best performed by a qualified and experienced attorney because there is no magical calculator, nor chart that will provide an accurate depiction of any specific case.

Workers Compensation help regarding issues with treatment is available

Concerns over obtaining treatment authorization are often the first issue to arise in a workers comp claim.  Diagnostics, surgery, occupational therapy, physical therapy, injections, pain medication,  orthopedic braces, or even consults are regularly denied by workers compensation adjusters.  Help is available to obtain these benefits and get the injured worker the treatment they need.  Adjusters will often schedule IME’s to refute any treating doctors orders for treatment.  With the right help the injured worker can still get the treatment through workers compensation.

Injured workers can get help with their employer from a Baltimore workers compensation attorney

Work injuries can often strain the relationship between the employer and the injured worker and this may give arise to questions such as if they can terminate me?, when can they terminate me?, or is it legal that they terminated me?  There are some limitations to being terminated while out of work because of a work related injury.  A Baltimore attorney can help with some of these questions and provide guidance.

The concern over finding new employment may arise.  If an injured worker needs help deciding whether or not they should seek different employment with a different employer it is available.  If different employment is the only option then vocational rehabilitation may be another option for the employee.

Help with questions regarding a workers compensation case in Baltimore

There is no doubt that questions will arise during some phase of any workers compensation case.  The workers compensation process is often unfamiliar territory for the injured worker because they have never filed a claim before.  The workers compensation process is often unfamiliar territory to inexperienced attorneys so it is expected that the injured worker have questions.  Some of the more common questions I receive are:

Should I return to work if my doctor tells me not to but the IME states I can work?

What is an IME and do I have to go?

Can I be fired for filing a claim?

Do I need an attorney?

What does workers comp deny and how?

When will I get my lost wages or temporary total disability check?

Help with filing a claim in Baltimore at the Workers Compensation Commission

It is common practice for Workers Comp attorneys to assist with filing the claim form for a workers compensation case.  This step alone can be difficult.  Some injured workers believe they have filed the claim when in fact they have only opened up a case with the insurance company and not the Commission.  TWO DIFFERENT CLAIMS MUST BE FILED in order to be protected by law!

Help with filling out the workers comp claim form may be beneficial because inaccurate phrasing, stating dates incorrectly, omitting injured body parts, can all lead to the workers compensation adjuster challenging the claim that was filed with the Commission.  

Help with the workers compensation adjuster is available

One of the more common issues that injured workers have is simply communicating with their case adjuster and this often leads to the need for an attorney.  When making phone calls, emailing, and mailing is not enough then an attorney can help seek out resolution by way of filing for a hearing.  If communication is not the issue so much as obtaining authorization for treatment or getting lost wages reinstated then an attorney can help by filing for a hearing or making some phone calls to supervisors or defense attorneys.

There are some adjusters that are a bit on the more difficult side or derisive.  There are some that have the tendency to deny more than approve.  An injured worker has the option to get help by an attorney and let the attorney perform the communication.  This help results in the injured worker being able to focus on other things such as recovery.


If you need help with your workers compensation case in Baltimore or throughout the state of Maryland contact attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh.  Consultations are always free and a fee is only paid if money is recovered

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