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Here is what you should do if you are hurt at work in Maryland:

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If an employee is hurt at work in Maryland it is important they know what to do afterwords.  There are necessary steps to take to protect their workers compensation rights and failure to do so could lead to the case being challenged, loss of rights, or both.  drawit-diagram-3

  1. As soon as possible after the accident notify the employer.  If the employer is not available make sure to notify a supervisor and other co-workers that the incident occurred.  Best case scenario there will be witnesses to the accident but if there are not then the injured worker needs to document the incident by notifying multiple individuals.
  2. Take notes as to exactly how the accident happened, what time the accident occurred, where the accident took place, and the name and phone numbers of any eye witnesses.
  3. Seek immediate medical attention.  In some cases the employer will direct the injured employee to seek medical attention with a clinic of the employers choosing.  While this may be a requirement of employment, those hurt at work in Maryland may also see a doctor of their choice.
  4. Obtain a work status note from the physician that treated you.  In order to be entitled to any lost wages the doctor must provide you with a note.
  5. Make sure to file a claim with the workers comp insurer.  Once a claim is filed with the ensurer they can begin their investigation into the accident which may lead to obtaining benefits sooner.  If the insurer does not know about the accident then obviously they can not pay for medical treatment and lost wages.
  6. Contact a work injury attorney.  It is never to early to have an attorney involved in the case.  He or she can help with filing the claim with the insurance company, but more importantly can help with filing a claim with the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.
  7. FILE a claim with the Workers Compensation Commission.  If you have been hurt at work in Maryland you must file a claim with the Commission.  Filing the claim with the commission is imperative to protecting the injured workers rights.
  8. Continue obtaining medical treatment and updated work status slips.
  9. Contact your work injury attorney with any problems or questions.


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