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Knee Injuries sustained on the job in Maryland

If you have been unfortunate enough to injure your knee while working it may be a good idea to retain a an attorney.  Even if you do not think it is time to hire a lawyer at least obtain a consultation because they are free and will likely offer some insight as to what to expect in your knee injury case.

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Common knee injuries at work

Other than back and shoulder injuries knee injuries account for a large percentage of the total injuries while at work.  See my statistics page for 2015.  In 2015 knee injuries accounted for 15.2% of the work injuries that were recorded by the Maryland Commission among other body parts such as hands, feet, neck, ankle, arms etc.

This figure may not be surprising to some and a look at some common mechanisms of injury will further bolster the theory that knee injuries occurs at work regularly and account for a large portion of the injuries.  Falls account for many of the knee injury claims that I handle.  When someone falls they typically land on their knees.  From what I have notice these blunt impact falls often lead to meniscal tears and/or effusions.  Similarly banging the knee into an object with blunt force is also a common mechanism of injury that seems to lead to meniscal tearing.  (Disclaimer:  While I do consider myself a qualified and experienced Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney, when it comes to medical advice I do not consider myself capable of even properly putting on a band aid.  Assume medical statements are inaccurate or subject to verification by someone trained in medicine).  The other mechanism of injury I see among those who suffer from knee injuries at work are twisting injuries.  Stepping up on a curb and twisting the knee, running/jogging and twisting the knee,  and occasionally falls will include a twisting actions.  These twisting incidents seem to more often result in tearing of ligaments such as the anterior cruciate ligament.  (again I’m not a doctor).  Once the injury occurs the injured worker will seek medical treatment.

If you have a difficult time obtaining medical treatment contact a Maryland Workers compensation attorney to see how they can help.

What treatment regime should you expect in your knee injury case?

From the time of the injury it is important the injured worker has his knee checked out immediately.  They should go to a qualified doctor and have an evaluation performed.  From the time of the evaluation the treatment path is laid out and depending on the injury may take a different course.  Most often x-rays are performed then the physicians will begin a course of physical therapy to the knee.  This may include some stretching exercises, electrical stimulation, strengthening exercises and more.  Medication such as anti-inflammatory, pain reducers, and steroids may be used in conjunction with the physical therapy.  If the injury seems significant enough prior to physical therapy diagnostics will be performed such as an MRI or or CT scan.  If the injury is one that called for physical therapy first rather than diagnostics the physician may request further diagnostics at the close of physical therapy.  Once therapy is concluded the physician may begin to discuss further options such as injections.  Steriod injections seem to be the most common, however I am seeing an increase in the use of visco-supplementation injections and platelet rich plasma injections.  After the injections, if the physician decided that was appropriate, treatment typically moves towards the consideration of surgery.  In the event that surgery is recommended there will ordinarily be a post operative course of physical therapy and perhaps even more injections and more surgery.

While this is the ordinary treatment with knee injuries in Maryland workers compensation cases it is important to note that each case varies greatly and the treatment obtained is truly up to the injured worker and his or her physician.  As a Maryland workers compensation attorney I can only help ensure the treatment is provided on time and without interference by the insurance company.  It is very important for the injured worker to understand the treatment regime because there workers compensation claim and how it progresses will certainly be affected by the treatment.  Those injured at work in Maryland need to be aware that for each step in treatment authorization from the workers compensation adjuster is needed and for each step the adjuster may deny the treatment suggested and cause headaches for the injured worker.

What is the value of a knee injury case under Maryland workers compensation laws?

This is a fairly complicated case and no figure I provide is going to accurately reflect what you may get for your knee injury.  What can be said is that a knee or what is considered under our work comp laws as a “leg” is equivalent to 300 weeks.  Once the injured workers treatment ends and they obtain a rating the value of the case can be estimated more accurately.

If the injured worker has little to no remaining complaints such as knee pain, swelling, loss of strenght… then their is little to no value to the claim.  If the injured worker is unable to walk any longer then the value to the claim can easily go over one hundred thousand dollars.

Do you have your rating already?  see how to calculate here

See a more extensive write-up about how to value a back injury case here.  The considerations will be very similar for a knee case excluding the weekly calculations as a back injury is worth 500 weeks versus the knee injury worth 300 weeks.

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