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For years Mr. Rodabaugh has practiced law only in workers compensation and personal injury.  Focusing on this area of law allows him to stay up to date on changes in the law and provide the legal representation that injured employees need in an attorney.  Mr. Rodabaugh knows that every situation is unique and that is why he approaches each and every workers compensation case with a different plan of action.  Because he handles Maryland workers compensation cases every day he very rarely faces situations that he has not dealt with in the past and can craft solutions accordingly. 

Sometimes there is no choice but to take immediate action at the Baltimore Workers Compensation Commission: file for sanctions, request penalties, or file for a hearing!  Other times  a single phone call from Mr. Rodabaugh  to the workmans comp adjuster will do the trick.

Educational Background

Attorney Andrew Rodabaugh was born and raised in Baltimore County and has continued residing in Maryland throughout his life.  He attended Dulaney High School and began his legal studies at Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie).  The Paralegal Studies Program at Villa Julie provided Mr Rodabaugh the foundation and practical legal knowledge which many practicing attorneys do not possess today.  Mr. Rodabaugh graduated from Villa Julie with Honors.  From Villa Julie Mr. Rodabaugh was admitted to the University of Baltimore School of Law where he focused his studies on personal injury and workers’ compensation.  From their he began his career as a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney.

Work History

Like many of his clients, Mr. Rodabaugh started off working in hard labor.  This is what sets him apart from other Baltimore Maryland Workers Compensation attorneys.  He worked as a refrigeration pipe fitter for the better part of a decade.  This is where he learned to appreciate the risks of work injury to which so many hardworking and loyal employees expose themselves.  He has had multiple jobs in the maintenance industry as well which help him understand what the injured worker is truly going through.

Mr. Rodabaugh was able to obtain a law clerk position at Cohen & Dwin P.A. while he studied at the University of Baltimore before becoming a licensed attorney.  His first associate position was with the Baltimore County Office of Law as an Assistant Baltimore County Attorney in the workers compensation department.  It is there where he began his legal career and gained priceless experience in Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law.  He now practices in Baltimore with Cohen & Dwin and represents clients from all walks of life when they are injured on the job.  Whether you are a construction worker from La Plata, a bus driver from Baltimore, police officer in Cambridge, or secretary in Cumberland, Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh is able to help.

Mr. Rodabaugh regularly attends hearings before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  He handles workers compensation cases before the various state Circuit Courts and the Court of Special Appeals.

Family Life

Mr. Rodabaugh now lives in the Parkville/ Towson area with his daughter, wife, two dogs, and  one ornery cat.

Andrew was my Workman’s Comp lawyer for a case that was just recently settled. He is the type of lawyer that all lawyers aspire to be: experienced, confident, smart, and dependable. Throughout my four year ordeal, Andrew was patient in responding to my questions, reliable in keeping me updated, and empathetic with my situation. He really does care about his clients and you can’t do any better than Andrew on your team. From accident to settlement, I was always happy with the hard work that Andrew…
Michelle R.

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