Low Back injuries-Maryland Workers Comp

Low back injuries are one the most commonly filed under Maryland Workers Compensation

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Types of low back injuries

low back injuries come in various forms and severity.  To get the clearest understanding of a back injury diagnostic tests and follow up with a qualified orthopedic is necessary.  Ordinarily the first and cheapest diagnostic test performed is an x-ray.  A quality x-ray will reveal if there are any fractures to spinal vertebrae and may also provide the physician a better idea if further diagnostics will be necessary.  If the low back x-ray does not reveal any fractures a physician may order physical therapy to begin.  The physician may also order further diagnostics which are more accurate or reveal injuries other than fractures.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are commonly used to diagnose organ injuries or soft tissue damage such as bulging/slipped discs, spinal herniation, fissures.  CT scans are also a good diagnostic test which will reveal bone or soft tissue injuries or irregularities.    

Steps to avoid low back injuries and a Workers Compensation Claim

Proper lifting technique should always be utilized when trying to avoid low back injury.  It only takes one wrong lift to result in a lifetime of pain.  There is an abundance of information on the internet which will help with determining proper lifting technique.  Good overall health will also help avoid low back injuries while at work.  Some low back injuries are unavoidable, but others would not have occurred if the overall condition of the spine was healthy to begin with.  I for one, am not excluded from the group of fellas carrying extra weight in the torso area.  One can imagine the amount of stress that is placed on the spine when there is 5- 10 extra pounds of pressure.  Along with overall good health smokers are increasingly being advised to quit based on the affects it may have on overall orthopedic condition.  There is an increasing number of surgeons refusing to operate on those who smoke.   

Common mechanism of injury

Everyday someone suffers a low back injury.  On a regular occurrence the injury manifests out of a trip, slip or fall.  Sometimes these injuries occur in auto accidents, twisting injuries, lifting, pushing, or pulling incidents. 

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