Maryland Workman’s Comp Process is Confusing to workers- Series 1 of 3

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Those who have been injured on the job and have to go through the workers compensation process for the first time often seem confused and for good reason.  Workers Compensation is often viewed just as another form of health insurance and it should logically be handled the same way.  If you get hurt at home you schedule an appointment with your doctor, give them your insurance information and go get treatment.  If you get hurt at work you call your doctor, give them the workers comp insurance information and go get treatment.  If only it was that simple. (There are occasionally cases that are handle with as much ease as going through health insurance but a great majority of the time there are at least some delays.)       

For the injured worker to understand workman’s comp they must understand the general process Once that is understood if the confusion remains than we can look deeper into what is creating the confusion. 

Like using health insurance, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in a Maryland workers compensation claims.  The medical provider must contact the workers compensation insurer for approval of the visit.  It often takes workers compensation insurer’s a few days to get the claim set up into their system.  With health insurance, the information was likely already relayed at the time the health insurance policy was opened.  Health insurance will more often than not approve a physicians visit without to much of an inquiry, however workman’s comp claims are handled differently because there are additional expenses that the insurer will have to pay.  Lost wages, permanency compensation, mileage, vocational rehab, and other benefits These expenses are more than just some doctors bills so the workers comp adjusters must carefully scrutinize each case.  This takes time. 

Again, injured workers are surprised that they don’t get immediate authorization because of the common view that workers comp is just like health insurance but used when hurt at work.  What must be understood is that workers compensation laws are written much differently than health insurance laws and consider multiple benefits and multiple partiesMoreover, the language in the Workers Compensation laws create room to argue.

Confusion often starts at the outset of filing a claim and getting authorization for an initial doctors visit, however the confusion often continues throughout the claim’s life. 

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