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Many injured workers want a compensation attorney that has handled cases similar to their particular case and rightfully so.  It is easier for an attorney to argue the facts of the case when they are familiar with relevant facts and ignore those that are not so relevant.  For instances: assume a worker fell from a truck and broke his ankle.  A compensation attorney may ask questions about how he fell, did he slip on oil, did he trip on some debris, or did he trip on his shoelaces.  These specific questions will almost always be unnecessary for the attorney to ask.  As long as the injured worker did not fall because of some idiopathic condition, drugs, alcohol, or confrontation he will likely be covered under workers comp laws.  An experienced attorney can expedite the process by ignoring irrelevant facts and getting to the point.  Below are only some examples of accidents and injuries compensation was obtained in.

If it is not a matter of expediting the case, the experienced Maryland Workers Compensation attorney will help anticipate questions that will be asked by the defense attorney.  Preparing a client for their work comp hearing is key in making sure the case is a success.  Anticipating questions is an important part of that!

  • Truck driver slipped off his dump truck when attempting brush/ clear stones and fractured his ankle in two places.
  • Janitor fell down a flight of steps and herniated a disk in her neck and tore ligaments in her shoulder.
  • Police officer injured shoulder, neck, back when involved in an automobile collision
  • Airport baggage attendant picked up an 80lb bag and tore shoulder ligaments
  • Airport attendant injured low back when pouring ice into the bar kits
  • Apartment maintenance man herniated cervical disc when moving an outside condenser
  • County teacher assaulted and injured arm and leg
  • Herniated cervical disc when working on elevator equipment
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assaulted by psyche patient and injured back and neck
  • Clothing retailer injured leg when rack fell on her
  • Professor injured when she fell down a flight of steps and hurt her shoulder
  • Photographer tripped over some wires and injured his low back and neck
  • Fast food worker injured her low back in a fall
  • Convenience store worker injured his knee when he tripped on some boxes
  • Cosmetologist suffered from bilateral carpal tunnel from repetitive use of hands
  • College maintenance man injured shoulder while shoveling snow
  • Meat butcher suffered from bilateral carpal tunnel from repetitive use of hands while cutting meat
  • Grocery store worker broke ankle when he slipped off of the loading dock
  • School teacher assaulted by student and sustained head injuries
  • Cafeteria worker injured low back when picking up food trays
  • Prison guard assaulted and injured head and neck
  • Nurse injured low back when moving a patient in their bed
  • Doctor injured arm and neck when he fell down steps
  • Truck driver injured neck and back when involved in an automobile collision
  • Construction worker injured when skid loader collided with curb and jostled his neck
  • Carpenter injured his hand when he accidentally shot himself with a nail gun
  • School maintenance man injured leg when burnt it on a steam pipe
  • Nurse practitioner injured knee when she slipped on some paper

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