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I write this not to come off as self indulged but to show that as a workers compensation attorney I can truly appreciate what blue collar and hard labor workers go through on a daily basis.  All too often their loyalty and hard work gets pushed to the waist side when they are injured on the job.  This should not happen and the injured worker needs a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney that understands what it is like to work pay check to pay check,  and to wake up with sore muscles every morning and come home with sore muscles every evening.

Mr. Rodabaugh’s history as a construction worker

One of my most cherished accomplishments is my years in the blue collar industry.  Throughout high school I working as a maintenance helper at a local swim club in Baltimore County.  It was there that I enjoyed learning the basics of electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.

Immediately after high school I obtained a position with an apartment complex in Cockeysville, Md and worked as a maintenance man.  It was there that I gained an understanding of what blue collar labor occupations demand of the workers and the dangers to which they are exposed.  After one and half years of experience, occasional electrocutions, back sprains, and lacerations I moved forward with a true construction job.

I spent a brief stent working for a construction paving crew during the summer of 2005.  This job consisted of shoveling steaming hot black top and number 2 stones on a daily basis for 8 hours.  The day started at 6:00 am and ended at 4:00 p.m.  When we worked nights they consisted of days starting at 8:00 pm to 7:00 am.  Much of the night work was repaving the north side of I95 in Northern Harford County.  While I enjoyed the change in meal routine, cheese steaks for breakfast and scrambled eggs for dinner, I quickly decided this job was not for me.  The guys that were working these jobs deserve much appreciation.  After my 6 month tenure as a construction helper I moved on.

I was hired as a helper for a refrigeration company out of  Harford County, Maryland.  Jobs mostly consisted of installing refrigeration systems in grocery stores and gas stations.  After a couple ears of lugging 20 ft pieces of 2 inch copper,  carrying extension ladders, maneuvering 125 lb bottles of freon, and pushing oxy acetylene tanks I graduated to a pipe fitter.  For the better part of a decade I worked brazing (welding) copper pipe.  It was an enjoyable job however after some time physical strain set in.  Work place accidents occurred on a regular basis on some of the job sites.  There were amputated fingers, falls, burns, electrocutions, and more.

While representing injured workers I can often reflect on my personal experience.  It is that personal experience that encourages me to get the benefits these workers deserve under Maryland workers compensation laws.

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