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When Multiple Injuries are sustained in a Maryland work place accident

Dealing with a Maryland workers compensation injury can be a difficult task for employees hurt on the job however it can become increasingly difficult when dealing with multiple injuries to multiple body parts.  Often the difficulty leads the injured employee to obtain assistance from a Maryland workers compensation lawyer.  Md laws may inadvertently complicate these particular cases in its application.  Further, medical treatment and overall progression of multiple injury work comp cases are occasionally stagnated.  The injured worker can take certain steps to ensure they get the compensation benefits, and medical treatment in a timely fashion.

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How the laws affect Maryland Workers Compensation Cases that involve multiple injuries

Maryland work injury laws revolve in large part around the particular body part that was injured during the work accident.  Obviously, when someone injures their shoulder they receive treatment to that shoulder.  Therapy, injections, surgery and other treatment is to the injured body part and not other, unrelated body parts.  Any lifetime medical treatment that the injured worker is ruled to be entitled to will only be to the body part injured in the accident and not other unrelated body parts.  In the event there are multiple sustained injuries the workers comp claimant may be entitled to future treatment for each.  Again, lifetime medical treatment may be awarded to each body part injured but their is a decent chance that not all body parts will be covered for the life.  Ensuring future treatment to each and every body part injured in the work accident will almost always require a Maryland work comp lawyer as their are important steps to take when seeking final compensation in the case.

 When the work comp case moves towards the point of obtaining a settlement or final compensation the particular body part or parts that were injured are rated and there after the injured employee receives compensation based on remaining physical issues.  A qualified and experienced Maryland workers compensation attorney can explain to the injured person how the final compensation is paid, but it is important to know Maryland dictates compensation based on what the law says the particular injured body part is worth in weeks of compensation.

It is not unusual for an injured worker to attend the initial workers compensation hearing with multiple injuries only for it later to be determined that not all body parts will be covered.

Why has obtaining medical treatment to all injured body parts become so difficult

Very often an injured worker will seek medical treatment for multiple injuries and treatment will end up focusing on only one injury.  

Example:  Perhaps there is a severe injury to a shoulder and only minor injuries, or so was thought, to the hand.  The shoulder requires immediate treatment because of the severity of the pain.  Therapy begins and perhaps eventually surgery and post operative therapy.  Six months into shoulder treatment the injured worker brings up the fact that they are continuing to have complaints with the hand.  

At six months post accident the workers compensation insurer is likely to put up a fight when treatment to the hand is sought.  Their argument is that if the hand was really injured then the employee would not have waited six months to seek treatment.  Unfortunately the insurer is often successful in arguing this.  The workers compensation insurer will argue this because additional body parts will lead to additional expenses and in some cases could mean two or three times the initial exposure for them.  Workers comp insurers do make it difficult to obtain medical treatment to multiple body parts because it means increased expenses for them.  

Medical providers often focus on the most pressing physical issue of the Maryland injured employee.  If there is a condition that requires immediate medical attention they will most likely not put that off in order to ensure that any other minor strains or sprains are also taken care of.  It seems common practice is to focus on the worst and progress from their so for an injured Maryland worker who sustains many bodily injuries but with one significant injury, there is a chance that all body parts will not be treated.  For the injured worker this means that there may be a gap in obtaining medical treatment to all injured body parts and thus creates a legitimate argument for the insurer.

What can the injured worker do to ensure their workers compensation case progresses timely

Again, medical providers seem to focus their attention on the worst of the injuries and then move forward accordingly.  What this means is that treatment to the second and perhaps third injured body part may come months or years.  Only after treatment to the worst injured has concluded.  In affect this will cause the workers compensation case to go on longer than expected (from a medical standpoint this may be necessary.)  In order to ensure efficiency and progress the injured worker should not hesitate to encourage treatment to all the injured body parts simultaneously.  As long as their is no medical reason to avoid doing so, it is often best for the injured worker to get treatment as soon as possible.

Multiple injury Maryland workers compensation cases can be difficult for the injured worker to navigate.  Maryland workers compensation attorneys can help ensure the case progresses timely and workers compensation benefits are adequately protected.  

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