Didn’t report you were hurt on the job? Md Workers Comp May still be available

Contrary to common belief, if you do not notify your Maryland employer of an accident the same day, in 24hours, 10 days, 30 days or more, You likely still qualify for workers compensation benefits!

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Maryland law states that an injured worker must notify an employer of a work accident within 10 days BUT

There is an exception that can be argued, and is often successfully argued by a qualified and experienced attorney.  The exception to the rule is found in § 9-706 of the labor and employment article.

1.If the injured Maryland worker had sufficient reason for the failure to give notice within the 10 days or 2.The employer or insurer has not been prejudiced by the failure to give timely notice.

Sufficient reason has been characterized by the Maryland Court of Appeals as blameless ignorance: A worker did not know the injury was work related until years later when a diagnosis was issued relating the injury to work.   

The employer must show that they have been prejudiced by the failure to give notice.  This is a fairly difficult burden of proof which should be analyzed on a case by case basis.  The employer must show that the failure to timely report the accident in some way harmed their rights or legal interests.  The prejudice can not be one of hypothetical orientation but must have caused actual damage to their legal interests.

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