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Montgomery County Workers Compensation Attorney
Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq.

As one of the most populous county’s in the state of Maryland Montgomery County has one of the higher rates of work place injuries within the state.  There is no excuse for a high rate of injury among workers.  Employers are aware of the risks associated with the jobs they employ.  If they are not aware of the risks of injury they should make themselves aware and educate the employees on further safety precautions.  Mr. Rodabaugh tirelessly fights to get employees in Montgomery County the workers compensation benefits they deserve.

What types of Montgomery County Workers Compensation Cases does Mr. Rodabaugh handle?

There are no cases too big or too small for Attorney Rodabaugh to handle.  From finger injuries to fractured spines Mr. Rodabaugh is available for a free consultation and discussion about your Montgomery County Maryland workers compensation case.  There are multiple factors that go into the determination as to whether a case is one that demands legal representation and Mr. Rodabaugh is available to assist with this decision.

Montgomery Workers Compensation Attorney

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Regardless of the injured workers intentions it is important to obtain a consultation so they can better prepare themselves for what may happen in the claim in the future and how they can better prepare for these possible scenarios.


Why hire a Montgomery County Workers Compensation Attorney?

There are a number of reasons why any injured worker should consider hiring an attorney for their work injury case.  Interestingly enough the thought process in hiring an attorney varies greatly from one individual to the next, however the legal reasons for hiring an attorney are fairly similar for every case.  Why hire an attorney:

  • Contingency Representation.  Montgomery County workers compensation attorneys’ as well as those throughout the state of Maryland work on a contingency basis.  This means the injured worker does not pay any money unless money is recovered for the injured worker!  Mr. Rodabaugh will fight for the injured worker and if he is unsuccessful in recovering money the injured worker owes $0.
  • To obtain complete and full benefits provided under Maryland lawAndrew M. Rodabaugh Esq., Montgomery County workers compensation attorney can assist in obtaining the injured worker all the benefits to which they are entitled.  For some hurt at work they may not be concerned with getting everything they can but want to obtain the benefits that they need such as lost wages or medical authorization.  Others want to obtain all the benefits they are entitled to under law because the law provides them with these rights.  Regardless of intent an Attorney is often needed to obtain benefits from workers comp.
  • To advise the injured worker regarding questions they have concerns that arise.  Unless the employee has been through the workers compensation process multiple times they will likely have questions and concerns.  In the event they have been through the process multiple times questions will still inevitably arise.  No singe case is the same as any other case.  Medical treatment varies, insurance adjusters change, severity of the injury changes, and different issues arise.  Friends and family are a good source for discussing cases but often do not have the full details a Montgomery County workers compensation attorney can provide.
  • As an advocate.  Every injured worker needs legal help from someone that is on their side and not someone that is acting as though they are on their side.  Nurse case managers, insurance adjusters, and often even employers may act as if they want to do only good for the injured worker but often end up putting their own interests above those of the injured worker.  The nurse case manager is tasked with expediting and pushing treatment so that the injured worker is not out of work for an extended period of time.  This may lead to the nurse encouraging a treating physician to release the injured worker to full duty sooner than they are physically or mentally able to return to work.  The workers comp adjusters job is to save money by limiting what medical expenses are paid, what lost wages are paid, and limiting the expense of other workers comp benefits.  While employers often care very much about their employers, ultimately the business will come first when making decisions.  It is the unfortunate and often painful truth for many workers.
  • A Montgomery County workers compensation attorney will represent the injured worker at hearings before the workers compensation commission.  In the event medical treatment is denied, medical bills are not being paid by workers comp, lost wages are not being issued or some other benefit the injured worker needs is not being provided then Mr. Rodabaugh will file for a hearing and go to court with the injured worker.



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Common Questions and Answers for the Montgomery County workers compensation Attorney

  • How much money is my case worth?  One of the most common questions and one of the most difficult questions for any attorney to answer.  Each and every case varies in settlement value to a great degree.  Factors such as severity of the injury, the wages the injured worker received before the injury, the doctors by whom the injured worker was treated, the employer, the insurance company, the adjuster, and the Commissioner who hears the case all affect the value to a great degree.  In Maryland there are some things to consider in each and every case that may held determine settlement value.  Go here for more reading.
  • When will I receive my lost wage checks?  Timing of checks can vary in any given case.  For some the checks may begin within a week after the accident.  For others it may take months.  If a hearing is necessary to get the lost wage checks started up then it could potentially take 6 months.  In the event the case is lost at the workers compensation hearing than lost wage checks may never be received by the injured worker.  There are fortunately other methods of securing workers compensation money.  Attorney Rodabaugh is successful in obtaining compensation in 99% of the cases he handles.
  • What is an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)?  An IME or independent medical evaluation is a scheduled by the workers comp insurance company with the intention of getting a second opinion.  The second opinion they seek, and hope to be provided by the IME doctor is one that is contrary to the treating doctors recommendations.  These IME’s ordinarily take place around the time a surgery is being recommended.  Other times when an IME may be scheduled include when the injured worker is placed out of work by the treating physician, diagnostic tests are ordered, physical therapy is prescribed, or if the facts of the accidental injury are being questioned by the adjuster.  Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq., Montgomery County workers compensation attorney can help obtain compensation and medical treatment regardless of the Independenet Medical Evaluation opinion. Go here to learn all about IME’s
  • How long until my case can settle?  Settlement can take place at anytime during a workers compensation case however it is usually advisable to settle only after medical treatment has come to a conclusion.  Settlement will often close out the option to receive any further medical treatment under the case and a premature settlement could leave the injured worker with a severe injury and no way to pay for medical treatment.  Obtaining a permanency award is an alternative to settlement which will preserve the option to obtain medical treatment in the future.  For further reading about Permanency vs Settlement go here.
  • What is the process for obtaining workers compensation benefits?  The process can be different for each case however there are a number of steps that take place in every claim, or atleast need to take place in any claim that will be successful.
    1. A claim form must be filed with the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  This is not the insurance company but a state agency assigned with the administration of the workers comp system.  The judges for workers comp.
    2. Medical treatment is sought by a physician of the injured workers choosing.  Often the injured worker is directed to seek treatment with a particular provider the workers comp insurance company has on “their list.”  Valid claims can still arise when treating with an insurance selected physician, however choice of physician is a right bestowed on the injured worker and not the insurance provider.
    3. If time from work is missed because the doctor takes the injured worker out of work then the injured worker is entitled to temporary total disability.
    4. The workers compensation insurance company may challenge the workers compensation case as being legitimate or compensable.  They may also challenge the workers rights to medical treatment, lost wages, or other benefits.
    5. A workers compensation hearing will take place if the injured worker needs benefits that are not being provided or if the insurance company is challenging some portion of the claim.  Some cases require multiple hearings while others never go to a hearing.
    6. Once the medical treatment has come to conclusion, or reaches a point where only palliative care or an occasional follow up with the doctor is needed, the injured worker can be seen for an IME scheduled by the Montgomery County Workers Compensation Attorney.  After the medical report is received by the attorney a hearing is requested and the case will proceed to permanency or settlement.

Mr Rodabaugh represents injured workers in their workers compensation cases in the towns of:

Barnesville, Brookeville, Chevy Chase, Town of ; Chevy Chase View; Chevy Chase Village; Chevy Chase, Village of, Section 3; Chevy Chase,  Gaithersburg, Garrett Park; Glen Echo; Kensington, Laytonsville, Martin’s Additions, North Chevy Chase, Poolesville; Rockville; Somerset; Takoma Park, and Washington Grove.

I endorse Mr. Rodabaugh.  He is a true asset to our legal community.  Very helpful on Avvo and a great e [sic] in the field.
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