Injuries while working in the office are likely covered- Maryland workers comp

Office workers are regularly injured on the job, and are ordinarily covered under Maryland workers compensation laws.

What kind of office injuries are covered under Maryland workers comp laws?

Maryland office employees are sometimes under the impression that their injuries are not covered under workers comp.  There seems to be a misunderstanding that workers comp laws only apply to the hard labor industry or the trade fields such as plumbers, construction workers, electricians and the like.  This understanding exists, presumably because the injuries that are sustained on those jobs are often the ones that are publicized and often of a horrific nature.

It should be understood that regardless of the occupational setting workers comp laws still apply.  Injuries that result from falls while on the job are compensable under the law.  Injuries that result from picking up items, dropping items, or almost any accident imaginable are covered under workers comp laws in Maryland.

It is important to note that not only are office accidents covered under but there are also some occupational diseases that are covered under workers comp.  An occupational disease is a condition that evolves from a risk inherent in the work that is being performed.  One of the more common forms of occupational diseases that develops in the office setting is carpal tunnel syndrome.  For further reading on carpal tunnel/ repetitive motion injuries click here.

Is the injury you sustained in the office covered under Maryland workers comp laws?

More likely than not, your injury will be covered under workers comp if it happened while working at your office.  As soon as practicable a free consultation should be obtained from a workers comp attorney to discuss the validity of your claim and the best next step to take.  Just because a supervisor or an insurance adjuster states that the injury is not covered does not mean that is necessarily the case.

Were you partially at fault or to blame for an injury in the office?

IT DOESN’T MATTER!  Ordinary personal injury cases such as car accidents or falls are commonly disallowed because of a legal doctrine called contributory negligence.  If a person is partially negligent in causing an accident then they may lose their case.  However, under Maryland workers compensation laws it does not matter that the injured employee contributed to their own injury.  Maryland workers comp is a no fault system.  This means the office worker who was not paying attention when he or she tripped over a computer wire would still be covered under Maryland’s workers comp.  The office employee who closed the door on their finger would be covered under comp.

Some office injury cases we have handled and succeeded in recovering benefits:

  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome which developed because of constant typing and inputting data on a computer.
  • Worker tripped over a computer wire and fell to the ground.  The injured worker had to undergo a spinal fusion as a result of the fall. (
  • Employee banged her knee on the corner of her desk resulting in the need for a medial meniscectomy.
  • Employee banged her head on the desk after bending over to pick up a ruler. (settled 10k)
  • Office employee slipped on a puddle of water and injured knee.  (settled 45k)
  • Office employee fell on the sidewalk outside of the office building and fracture leg.
  • Office chair broke causing the employee to fall on a cement floor and sprain tailbone. (settled 25k)

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