Officer in car accident – Maryland workers compensation benefits

Officer in Reisterstown Rd accident will be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

On Friday February 26, yet another officer was injured while serving the people of Baltimore County and he may now be entitled to workers compensation benefits.  To get these benefits he may need a Maryland Workers Compensation attorney It was late Friday night when the Officer was responding to another officer needing assistance. In his travels the responding officer was involved in an auto accident resulting in a collision with Peppers Discount Liquors and another vehicle.   See-Police Officer injured in Northwest Baltimore Crash-

It is not known at this point who is at fault, wbal notes.  One can only imagine the adrenaline rush and thoughts that were souring through this officers mind as he was responding to a call that his brother was in need of help.  This, coupled with the regular scrutiny Baltimore officers are under, the unappreciative and outspoken anger from some citizens, it would not be surprising if he had a brief lapse of judgment.  At some point isn’t it possible the stress of life and occupation take over the mind and judgment process even for a brief period.  I for one would not hold it against the officer and still believe that he would indeed deserve some praise as he has once again placed his life on the line for us and his brother.  His job requires him to drive faster than what is deemed safe under the laws, his job requires him to red run lights at his own peril, he is required to take risks on a daily basis that the ordinary citizen may not once in their life have to do.

In exchange for putting his life on the line day in and day out there is at least some protection provided him should he be injured.  If he is injured he, just as all employees, are entitled to get medical treatment and benefits through the workers’ compensation policy his employer has chosen.

Employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault or caused their injury.  Workers’ Compensation laws have historically been based on a no fault system which would benefit  both the employer and the employee.  Development of the system was based on both sacrifice and benefit by the employer and the employees.  Employees give up their right (in almost every scenario) to file a negligence lawsuit and sue for pain and suffering.  In return the employee gets medical benefits for the life of the injury, compensation while held out of work plus compensation for any remaining and permanent injury (See all work comp benefits)Employers are required to provide workers compensation benefits and in exchange they are protected from being sued and exposed to excessive judgments, or runaway jury verdicts.

Whether the benefits outweigh the sacrifices on either side is to this day very debatable.

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