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Workers Compensation Attorney in Parkville, Essex, Towson, Maryland

Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has representing injured workers in Parkville, Towson, and Essex Maryland since beginning his law practice.  Focusing solely on workers compensation allows Mr. Rodabaugh to cater to each individual client’s needs while keeping his skills sharp and staying up to date on changes in the law.  Many law firms focus business in multiple areas of the law in order to increase client intake and business growth.  As a solo practitioner Mr. Rodabaugh believes clients are better served by an attorney with his attention on one area of law which allows for a stronger grasp on the law and the experience and zeal to obtain all benefits to which the injured worker is entitled. 

Mr. Rodabaugh strives to be the best Workers Compensation Attorney in Parkville, Towson, and Essex Maryland!

The best workers compensation attorney in Parkville, Towson, Essex, or anywhere in Maryland for that matter, is largely a question of debate and opinion.  The reality is that an attorney can only be the best lawyer if they meet all the needs of every particular client.  This is exactly what Mr. Rodabugh and his staff strive to do!

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Andrew not only has an awesome personality, but he’s honest. He’s knowledgeable & interaction was easy. What more can you ask? He delivers. Keep up the great work Andrew!

As a Parkville, Towson & Essex Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Mr. Rodabaugh has handled cases involving a variety of injuries

  • A Parkville mechanical engineer injured his neck when delivering a heavy motor part to an office building that was later to be installed.  The injured worker required multiple surgeries to his neck as well as his shoulder.  Mr. Rodabaugh assisted the injured worker in obtaining workers compensation benefits for over two years as well as continued medical care.
  • A Essex Maryland deli employee was operating a meat slicer when he amputated his index finger.  Mr. Rodabaugh assisted the employee in obtaining medical treatment and the case later settled out of court for over $10,000.
  • An roofer was injured in Towson Maryland and required multiple knee surgeries as a result of a fall from a ladder.  Mr. Rodabaugh helped the worker obtain vocational rehabilitation which included a successful job search, but the injured worker was also later awarded over $65,000 for the injury.
  • Essex employee developed trigger finger and carpal tunnel after a patients bed slammed against his wrist and finger.  Mr. Rodabaugh went to a hearing faught for this employees medical treatment.  Medical treatment was completely paid for and permanent partial disability award of over $10,000 was later awarded.
  • While Mr. Rodabaugh practices as a workers compensation attorney for Parkville, Towson, and Essex residents he also represents those injured while at work throughout the state.  Indicated in the below illustration are some of the other cases Mr. Rodabaugh has handled!


An Attorney who will take on any employer or workers compensation insurer in Parkville, Towson, or Essex!

There are a great variety of employers whithin Baltimore County including some very large companies with a team of attorneys representing them on a daily basis.  These may include Walmart, Target, Kohls, Sams Club, or any of the other various retailers.  Mr. Rodabaugh has already dealt with most of the insurance attorneys for these large companies and knows their strategies, skills, willingness to negotiate and habits.

Some of these insurers can be convinced with a phone call or two while others require swift aggressive action.  Some are simply not responsive until a court date is scheduled while others are open for discussion and negotiations.

Workers compensation issues Mr. Rodabaugh can help Parkville, Towson, and Essex residents fix:

As previously stated each injured worker has certain needs which may be different from the other.  Mr. Rodabaugh strives to meet each injured workers needs so to that client Mr. Rodabaugh is the best!  With that said, any issues the injured worker is having with workers comp Mr. Rodabaugh is willing to take on and fix.  This may include one of the following or may include an issue not mentioned below:

  • Untimely, late, or no lost wage checks from workers comp
  • Late payment of medical bills from workers comp
  • Non payment of medical bills by workers comp
  • Lack of communication from workers comp adjusters
  • Authorization for medical treatment including surgery, diagnostics, therapy, injections, or medication
  • Settlements
  • Permanency Awards
  • Vocational Rehabilitation/ Job Training
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Second Opinions



For a no cost consultation with a Parkville, Towson, or Essex workers comp Attorney Call Andrew M. Rodabaugh at +1 (410) 937-1659 ,Email ,  or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.




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