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Parkville Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh

Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh provides legal representation to injured workers throughout Parkville, Carney, Rosedale, White Marsh, Perry Hall, Towson. 

Parkville residents are regularly hurt on the job and deserve quality representation by a rehearsed workers compensation attorney.  In a great majority of cases the fact that the injured worker resides in Parkville, was injured while working for a Parkville employer, or was injured in Parkville will not make much of a difference, however there are some distinctions that the injured worker should be aware of as they endure the workers comp process.

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Parkville workers compensation attorney

The benefits of having a Parkville workers compensation attorney

Workers Compensation laws are drafted at the state level which means that the laws vary from state to state with the exception of some industries such as Longshoreman who are covered under separate workers compensation laws.  Federal workers compensation laws will apply for federal employees, and state law will apply to Maryland state and county employees as well as private sector employees.  While there are virtually no legal distinctions for a Parkville resident there are some practical distinctions that make Parkville workers compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh right for the injured worker.

One key distinction prevalent in Parkville workers compensation cases is the jurisdiction of the legal proceedings and the selection of venue.  Initial administrative hearings will be held in either Baltimore City Workers Compensation Commission or the Harford County Workers Compensation Commission.  Ordinarily the jurisdiction of the Commission locale is based on the injured workers place of residence.  As a former resident, Parkville workers compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has an understanding of how the jurisdiction and residents function so that he may craft his case to suit the needs of his client.

The initial workers compensation hearing will take place at an administrative level.  Once the administrative hearings are concluded the parties have the option of appealing any decision of the Workers Compensation Commission.  Parkville workers compensation cases most often fall under the Appellate jurisdiction of the Baltimore County Circuit Court.  Appeals are taken in very few workers comp cases so the expectation of seeing a court room is limited.

Parkville workers compensation attorney that has worked along side Baltimore County residents in many occupations.  Maryland workers compensation attorney and Personal Injury Attorney

Mr. Rodabaugh has over a decade of experience in various occupations including construction, apartment maintenance, and pipe fitting/welding which helps him understand what injured blue collar workers go through.  The nature of the occupations have a direct affect on the severity of injuries expected and the number of injuries expected.  Parkville seems to consist of an equal amount of Blue collar hard labor workers versus blue collar office and administrative personnel.  Other jurisdictions may be made up of a larger number or white collar employees that are not exposed to as many hazards and risks therefore injuries are less common, and severe injuries not likely.

Common questions asked of a Parkville workers compensation attorney

     How does the attorney get paid?  A Parkville workers compensation attorney is paid on a contingency basis and recovers no fee unless the attorney is able to recover money for the injured worker.  The statutory code of Maryland mandates the fee any Parkville, or Maryland workers compensation attorney can charge.  If a permanency award is recovered the maximum fee amount is 20%.  For back owed lost wages the maximum fee amount is 10%.  For any settlement of a claim the fee is calculated using an equation and is ordinarily not more than 20%.

   Will I have to go to a hearing at the workers comp commission?  Hearings are not always necessitated in the claims however in a many claims a hearing to determine the permanency of the injured individual will take place.  In workers compensation cases that are more complex such as those requiring bone fusions or multiple surgeries multiple hearings can be expected.  Parkville workers compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh attends every hearing with his clients.

    Am I entitled to lost wages for missing work?  Lost wages, referred to as temporary total disability is paid at 2/3 of the injured workers average weekly wage.  The injured worker is entitled to these payments if they are told by a doctor that they can not work in any capacity or the employer can not accommodate light duty restrictions.  In the event the lost wages are not willing paid by the insurance company then a hearing before the workers comepnsation commission is necessitated.  Parkville workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh will fight for his clients to get these benefits.

    Do I have to retain a workers compensation attorney?  There are no laws requiring an injured worker higher a lawyer to represent them however it is usually a good idea.  The workers comp insurer has an attorney advising them and if the injured worker wants fair and just treatment an attorney is needed.  While there are a number of very minor work injuries that may not require an attorney, it is advisable in most cases requiring surgery, lost time from work, or continuous medical treatment.

    What benefits am I entitled to under workers compensation?  The benefits are numerous including lost wages, permanency/settlement, paid medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and more.  In almost every workers compensation case the insurance company will avoid provding all of these benefits even though they are required by law.  This is when the representation of an attorney is important.

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Examples of some cases Parkville workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh has handled

    Injured Janitor slipped and fell on the grass section of the parking lot injuring his shoulder.  After undergoing shoulder surgery workers comp refused to pay for it.  The surgery was paid for and the injury victim recovered over $30,000 in a settlement.

    Grocery store employee injured her shoulder when attempting to lift a five gallon bucket of food product.  She underwent multiple injections and eventual surgery.  A second surgery was recommended however she chose not to undergo the second surgery.  The case went to permanency and Parkville workers compensation attorney Rodabaugh was able to get an award over $40,000 and the option to continue treatment in the future is available along with the option to obtain further compensation.

    The groundskeeper for a private church and daycare injured his right knee when descending a set of steps.  Arthroscopic surgery was performed and a course of post operative physical therapy.  The injured worker’s case was settled with the option to seek treatment in the future.

    A photographer injured his neck while taking pictures at an educational event.  He was maneuvering a room and tripped on a cord resulting in a fall to the cement floor. An MRI was performed and a short course of physical therapy was obtained.  The case was heard at the Frederick workers compensation commission and a permanency award was obtained.  Seeking full justice Parkville workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh appealed the decision of the workers compensation commission and obtained additional money over $5,000.


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