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Prince George’s County Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh can help you get your benefits!

Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh regularly represents injured workers of Prince Goerge’s County Maryland when they need benefits the insurance company is not providing.  In every workers compensation case the insurers, adjusters, and some employers are involved only to save money and expenses for themselves rather than spend money on the injured worker.  What this means is that benefits are not always paid out completely, medical treatment is cut short, and the injured worker is the one who takes the loss.  Prince George’s County Workers Comp Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh will fight for the injured worker so they do not have to take the loss.  Employers pay for insurance so that we are protected in the event of an injury!

PG County Workers Comp Attorney will attend the hearing near you!

Workers’ Comp hearings are held throughout the state of Maryland so most workers comp attorneys are required to travel throughout the state.  As a PG County Lawyer Mr. Rodabaugh will attend your hearing with you (if his services are retained) at the hearing location closest to your residence.  Most likely the hearing will be at either the La Plata location or the Baltimore location.

A hearing may be necessitated if the workers compensation insurance company has terminated your medical benefits, or has refused to pay compensation to you.  These are benefits that Mr. Rodabaugh regularly fights for and obtains for Prince George’s County residents.

As a Prince George’s County workers comp attorney Mr. Rodabaugh has a record of success

There are multiple forms of compensation in any given workers comp claim and we have worked tirelessly to recover these benefits for hundreds of injured workers.  Unfortunately at any time these compensation payments may be terminated by the workers compensation adjuster or may not be offered to the injured worker when they are legally entitled to the payments.  Mr. Rodabaugh can fight to get these payments reinstated, and will only charge a fee if he recovers money!

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)– These are the lost wage benefits to which injured workers are entitled.  To obtain these benefits the injured worker must obtain an out of work note.  Once that note is submitted to the adjuster they are suppose to begin payments.  Often they do not and a workers comp hearing is necessitated.  In other circumstances the injured worker must go to a hearing to have their lost wages reinstated.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)-  These are wage differential payments that are paid to the injured worker while they are not able to work the same hours as they were prior to the accident.  When the injured worker has returned to their employer but is making less money than they were at the time of the accident they may be entitled to these benefits which help make up the loss of income.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits- When Prince George’s County injured workers, or all workers who are injured on the job in Maryland, are unable to return to their occupation because of physical limitations as a result of the work accident they may qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation payments.  These payments are made to the worker while they look for other employment.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)- PPD payments are payed to an injured worker if they have remaining issues, problems or complaints as a result of the work accident.  To obtain these benefits a non-insurance oriented doctor should perform a rating evaluation and provide a permanency rating to the injured body part.  A hearing before the Workers Compensation Commission will then take place and the injured worker may recover an Award.


Mr. Rodabaugh has recovered money in 99% of his Prince George’s County workers comp cases!


Some of our Workers Compensation Cases

We handle PG County Work Comp cases of all severity and variety

Mr. Rodabaugh has experience handling workers compensation cases resulting in injuries of varying degree.  From Spinal fractures requiring surgery to finger sprains Mr. Rodabaugh has the experience injured PG County residents need on their side. 

Acl tears (anterior cruciate ligament),
achilles tendon tears,
ankle fractures,
bicep tears,
bilateral wrist fractures,
burst fractures
carpal tunnel,
crps (complex region pain syndrome, I & II),
cubital tunnel,
dental surgery,
disc herniations,
dupuytrens contracture,
failed back surgery syndrome,
fractured vertebrae,
hip fractures,
labral tears,
partial knee replacements,
psychological injuries,
rotator cuff,
rsd (reflex sympothetic dystrophy),
shoulder replacements,
skin grafts,
thoracic outlet syndrome,
torn meniscus,
torn mcl (medial cruciate ligament),
torn supraspinatus tendons,
total knee replacements,
trigger finger


Here is a small selection of Prince George’s County workers compensation cases Mr. Rodabaugh has handled.

  • Janitor fell down a flight of steps and herniated a disk in her neck and tore ligaments in her shoulder.
  • Police officer injured shoulder, neck, back when involved in an automobile collision
  • Airport attendant injured low back when pouring ice into the bar kits
  • County teacher assaulted and injured arm and knee
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assaulted by psyche patient and injured back and neck
  • Fast food worker injured her low back in a fall
  • College maintenance man injured shoulder while shoveling snow
  • Meat butcher suffered from bilateral carpal tunnel from repetitive use of hands while cutting meat
  • School teacher assaulted by student and sustained head injuries
  • Nurse injured low back when moving a patient in their bed
  • Truck driver injured neck and back when involved in an automobile collision
  • Nurse practitioner injured knee when she slipped on some paper



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What to know about your Prince George County workers comp case:

  1. How much money is your case worth?  This is a difficult question as EVERY workers compensation case is different however there are some factors that can help estimate the value of a comp claim.  For an accurate estimate things that should be considered include- the amount the injured worker was making as an employee, was surgery involved in the case, has surgery has been deemed causally related to the incident by the Comp Commission, how long did treatment last, was there any pre-existing pain or problems, has there been a full physical recovery, is the employee a police officer or firefighter, is there future treatment that is being recommended?  For a more detailed discussion go here.
  2. What is an IME?  Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) are not a good thing.  These evaluations are not scheduled with the intentions of helping the injured worker but are the workers comp insurance companies effort to try and stop compensation payments or to put an end to the medical treatment.  If scheduled for an IME it is important to seek an attorney’s help because things may get complicated very quickly.
  3. Will my IME be scheduled in PG County? There is a fair chance that the IME will be scheduled relatively close to the injured workers home or place of employment however the workers compensation insurer has the right to schedule an IME where they want and when they want as long as reasonable notice is provided to the employee.  In most circumstances the workers comp insurer is willing to provide transportation to the IME.
  4. Who is workers comp?  Many injured workers are under the impression that “workers comp” is a state agency that is there to help them get medical treatment however in most cases the injured worker is referring to an insurance company and not the state agency.  The insurance company is the adjuster or claim handler that the injured worker is most likely getting letters from and phone calls to or from.  The workers compensation commission is essentially a panel of judges for workers compensation cases.  “workers comp” the insurance company MUST not be confused with “Workers Comp” the state agency also know as the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.
  5. How much are Attorneys Fees Prince George’s County workers compensation attorney’s and all Maryland Workers Comp Attorney’s who represent the injured worker are paid on a contingency basis meaning they must recover money for the injured worker before they are paid.  There is no out of pocket expense to the injured worker until the Attorney wins!  The injured worker will never be required to pay more than they recover.  The most a workers compensation attorney can request for a fee is 20% of the recovered money and can be as low as 5% of recovered money.
  6. When should I hire a Prince George’s County workers compensation attorney?  It is never to early to hire an attorney and it is helpful to have one ready to go to a hearing when and if issues arise.  Waiting until treatment is terminated, or payments stop to hire a lawyer is not a good idea.  The attorney will need time to obtain medical records, do some investigation and prepare for a hearing.
  7. How long will the case take to settle?  This is one of the most commonly asked questions, likely because dealing with workers comp is not a pleasant experience for many people and they just want to reach some point of closure rather than feel burdened and stressed.  Workers Compensation cases can sometimes be settled early on in the case, perhaps within a few months of the accident.  However it should be noted that a great majority of workers compensation cases are only ready for some form of closure after the medical treatment is concluded.  This means that the case will last at least as long as there is treatment being provide, but in most cases a few months after treatment has concluded.
  8. A Nurse Case Managers was assigned to the case?  Nurse case managers are regularly hired by the workers compensation insurance company to assist with coordinating medical treatment and obtaining medical records.  These Nurse Case Managers (NCM) can be good for the injured worker or bad for the injured worker depending on the intentions of the parties and professionalism and ethical standards of the nurses.  Regularly NCM’s are attempting to influence treating doctors into returning injured workers to work before they are physical ready or capable of doing so.  These nurses may attempt to get the injured worker discharged from care before the injured worker is ready or even before the treating doctor is ready to discharge them.  The benefits to having a NCM is that they are often helpful in getting medical treatment authorized and maintain medical efficiency.

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Mr. Rodabaugh is a valuable asset to his community.  His continuing dedication to the law and his clients is admirable.
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