Need for a Maryland workers compensation attorney?

Do I need a Maryland workers comp attorney? Workers Comp is paying for everything.

The short answer is that they have an attorney looking out for their best interest so you should have an attorney looking out for your best interest.

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If workers comp is paying for everything why would I need a workers compensation attorney?

One of the most common questions that I get is in regards to the necessity of a Maryland workers compensation attorney if workers comp is seemingly cooperative.  You may believe you are receiving everything to which you are entitled but this should be determined by a qualified workers compensation attorney. 

Workers Comp is paying for my medical treatment so why would I need an attorney?

Workers comp or the insurer has an incentive to pay for medical treatment.  First, Maryland law encourages the adjuster to pay for medical treatment under the claim more so than the law encourages paying compensation.  Second, paying for medical treatment is a strategic move often used by workers compensation insurers to avoid paying for other benefits under the claim.  The theory is to keep the injured worker somewhat satisfied and hope that they “go away” without obtaining full benefits.  It is imperative to remember that the adjuster has a job and marching orders.  The marching orders do not include providing all the benefits to the injured employee and paying for all benefits.  An adjusters job is to limit expenses, not maximize expenses.  Furthermore some adjusters receives wage increases and bonuses for saving money at the expense of the injured worker.  So, why do you need a workers compensation attorney you ask?  To obtain all the benefits to which Maryland law entitles you.


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Perhaps you need a workers compensation attorney because medical treatment is not being paid for.

It is quite difficult for workers compensation Insurers to avoid paying for health benefits if the claim is legitimate and the employee is compliant.  Maryland workers compensation laws are very favorable to the injured worker regarding medical treatment. Insurance companies recognize this and often pay for medical treatment because inevitably they will have to pay for the treatment.  Rather than upsetting the employee and leading them to hire a Maryland workers compensation attorney the medical benefits are paid.  Unfortunately the insurance companies can, and will, terminate medical benefits as they see fit and disregard what the law provides for the injured worker.

If medical treatment has been stopped or delayed by the workers compensation adjuster than this is a good sign that you need a workers compensation attorney.  More often than not, a workers compensation attorney is needed to get medical treatment reinstated.  If the treatment is delayed there are a number of reason for this however two of the more common reasons for delayed treatment will demand the assistance of a workers compensation attorney.

  1. If an Independent Medical Evaluation has been scheduled you may need a workers compensation attorney.  The purpose of an IME or Independent Medical Evaluation is often stated as just a second opinion.  This is not true.  An Independent Medical Evaluation is scheduled by the workers compensation adjuster for the purpose of securing a medical opinion in favor of the insurance company and against the injured worker.  IME’s are the evidence the workers compensation insurer needs to stop paying for medical treatment and lost wages.  An injured worker will likely need a workers compensation attorney to prepare them for the IME and what to expect.  A workers compensation attorney is needed to fight for reinstatement of medical benefits and lost wages.  Any hesitancy to hire a workers compensation attorney should be questioned if an IME has been scheduled.  Almost all workers compensation attorneys will answer some questions and provide a little advice even if they are not hired.
  2. If treatment has been delayed and the adjuster can not be reached you may need a workers compensation attorney.  Very often treating medical providers are not able to obtain authorization for medical treatment from the workers compensation adjuster.  This occurs for any number of reasons.  Perhaps the authorization was not requested from the proper person, perhaps the adjuster is unable to timely provide authorization, perhaps the adjuster willingly refuses to authorize the treatment….  If obtaining authorization is a problem Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh can help obtain the treatment.

There are other benefits that the insurance company does not want you to have and that you will most likely not receive without an attorney. See All of your workers comp benefits
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