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How to start a workers comp case in Maryland

If you have been injured on the job you may be wondering how to start a Maryland workers compensation case or claim.  Note it is never too early to contact a Maryland workers compensation attorney Here is how to get your Maryland workers comp claim started:

The first step after being injured on the job

Advise your employer and coworkers that you have been injured while performing a work task.  It is important to report the injury as soon as possible because there is a defense to workers comp cases referred to as “lack of notice.”  Do not count on a coworker to report the injury for you.  It is best to report to multiple supervisors as well as the Human Resources department if one exists.

The longer the delay in reporting the injury the more likely the insurance company will challenge the case and question whether the incident really occurred.

The second step to get your Md workers Comp claim started:

Seek medical attention for the work injury.  This should be done before providing notice to the supervisors in the event of an emergency.  Trips to the hospital are not always necessary and can lead to high bills that the workers comp insurer may not be willing to pay.  An emergency appointment with a primary care physician or a clinic may be a better alternative.  At the initial doctors visit be sure to tell the physician or nurse that it is a work injury and should be billed to workers comp. 

The third step is to concentrate on the claim filing process

Once on notice the employer will ordinarily contact their workers compensation insurance company.  The insurance company will open up a claim and either accept the case or deny the case.  Even if the case is accepted FURTHER ACTION MUST BE TAKEN.  A claim must be filed with the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. (An attorney can help do this properly)  This step is extremely important because there are Deadlines  that could otherwise prove to ruin the case.

See Claim form filing 

The Fourth step in getting a Maryland Workers Compensation case started is to contact an attorney

If the workers compensation insurer denied the claim than an attorney will be needed to further argue the case before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.


If the workers compensation insurer approved the claim an attorney will be needed to ensure all benefits are received and to ensure that future medical treatment is not terminated.




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